Someone help me it probaly dumb



:bow: i recently purchased a emprex dvd dual 16x double layer internal and i have been trying to back up the dave chappelle show to my hardrive with dvd decrypter and this error keeps poping up. I know it might sounds dumb but im new to the whole backing up ur dvd movies to ur hard drive thing. Any help would be apperciative.


Here is the image viewable for ya, i uploaded the image to its great for hosting images for forums.


looks like you’re getting an error in the data as it is transferred from the drive to your computer.
could be a number of reasons:
Bad or not entirely connected IDE cable to drive (make sure you have an 80 conductor cable.)
Unstable or overheating CPU
Unstable RAM
Unstable or overheating chipset/southbridge chip.

try burning a program called Memtest86 ( onto a CD, set your computer to boot from CD, and restart your computer. let it run for a good 20-30 minutes and if you still don’t have errors your RAM, and probably your CPU are fine.
you can test your CPU further with Prime 95 ( use the burn-in torture test and let it run for 20-30 minutes, if you still dont’ have errors your CPU/chipset is probably fine.
And of course, check all your IDE cables for any frayed wires or bad bends, and make sure you have them securely inserted in both your drives and your motherboard. Also try another cable, if available.

good luck!

EDIT: you should probably check the IDE stuff first.


i think I might need a new 80 conductor cable.