Someone help! Ghost Virtual device!

Pliz Help!
I had uninstalled Alcoho120%, to upgrade to the last version. Then I installed a new version, but the Virtual cd/dvd i had in the previous Alcohol120% became a physic device (“real” - if you don’t understand my english :P) :frowning: . And new Alcohol 120% installed another virtual device, but it reconize old virtual device as physic. I’ve uninstalled the old device a lot fo times, but every time I boot my PC, it appears again!

Go to control panels/system/hardware/device manager, find under “SCSI and RAID controllers” the Alcohol* SCSI controller, and remove it.

All Alcohol drives will disappear. Normally this happens automatically when you uninstall alcohol, unless at the uninstallation time you still had some image mounted.

You will Also need to remove Plug and Play Bios Extension from System Devices. and if needed the Virtual Drive Drivers from the Windows/System32/Drivers Folder.

  • Name of the Virtual Drive Driver varies from version to Version.

Thanks a lot man!!! Thanks god people like you exist!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
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