Someone has to know why



…my brand new I/O Magic Dual Layer, Dual Format, 16x Internal DVD±RW/±R wont burn a working backup of a Ps2 game, even thought it did four times? It even stopped recognizing audio CD’s. This is driving me crazy! Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


A little more info is needed: What game is it? How are you creating it? With what software? Chip?


none of the games i burn work. i use dvd decrypter and alcohol 120%, which both create 2 image files. an ISO and a MDS. select the MDS file to burn because it triggers the ISO and there it is. and it should work. a friend of mine burns ps2 games everyday, and the only difference in our set ups are the burners. oh yeah, i do have a modded ps2. any ideas?



sounds like a compatibility problem media/burner, which type of media are you using? Some older PS2 versions have problems with DVD+R media.

You can also have problems when have low quality burns, if possible make a Disk Quality scan of your backup with Nero CD/DVD Speed.

Try high quality medias.



McMurphy024, like H3rB3i said… I believe this is a media problem. Try some quality -R media (like Taiyo Yuden).


I also thought it was media, until I bought some Maxell 4x +R and some Verbatim 4x -R.
I exchanged the I/O Magic for the Sony 16x Dual Layer, and my backups still won’t work. The Sony did actually have an I/O error while burning, it canceled the process and said something about an invalid destination. But the CD’s and DVD-video I copy work great. Another thing too, in my hardware properties, It’s shows this as being installed: AVX CD/DVD-ROM SCSI CdRom Device Its labeled as DVD Drive (F:) in My Computer, and the Sony is DVD-RW Drive (D:). By the way my Ps2 is 8 months old and will play games burned on any media, as long as it wasnt done with my computer. Anyway, thanks for all the help.


i didnt know the symbols for drives were also smileys!


ok guys, i got a new computer, and i still cant burn a working ps2 backup. could it be the fact that the drive is dual layered. I read something in another post about changing the booktype on the benq. could this also be done with the sony dru-710a? its not media, and im doing exactly what ive read to do a hundred times. im stumped