Someone explain this Very Weird

Okay I have two Plextors: 1210A and a 2410A with the newest firmware. Now I got a hold of a Clone_CD image of WCIII now I used the profile that I got from here to try and burn the image with Clone-CD, and I couldnt get it to work, nothing I tried worked, the game would freeze completely. So then I decided to try Fantom CD, I took the Clone-CD Image and put it in the virtual CD of Fantom CD, then I put the settings for Secure-Rom New in Fantom CD and made another image.

Once the image was made, I took that image and burned a copy to a Generic CDRW, and when it was completed, I played the game, no lock ups, no freezing, no box saying the CD isnt there. I did this with both plextors.

My question is how come burning the image with Clone-CD didnt work this time (Was able to backup DII LOD off the original CD) but yet reimaging the image and then burning it did with a program I didnt expect at all.

Could it be that the Clone-CD image wasnt properly cloned?

It was a bit puzzling since I have been able to copy just about all the recent games with Clone-CD, but again they were off the original.

Thanks for the response to this puzzling thought.

“Now I got a hold of a Clone_CD image”
There’s your problem :cop:

Yes but the main question is why the clone image didnt burn right, but yet I took the same image put it into FantomCD’s virtual CD it wouldnt run either, but I made another image off the virtual CD that I mounted it on, and then took that image and then burned it onto a CDRW with Fantom CD, and it works.

If it was a Clone CD image, I guess my question is why wouldnt it burn correctly, but yet the way I did (making an image of an image) worked?

Thats why I asked if the clone cd image wasnt properly cloned? And it still raises the question as to why making an image off the clone cd image and burning worked. When the clone cd image burned to the same CDRW wouldnt.

What version of Clone CD did you use has given some people troubles.

Yes is the one I tried it with, since the chage log didnt show anything of importance I didnt upgrade ot it, but maybe I will and try it again ust to see what will happen, but I found it very odd why it worked the way it did, and the funny thing is when I check the disc burned from the original clone cd image, it will tell me its Securerom New as the protection, but yet the way I did it, now it says there is no protection, and it works great :smiley: