Someone explain the difference!?!?!?!?

Hello again. I just wanted to know whats the difference between blindwrite, alchohol 120%, clone cd, and any other burn software that is anti protection. I want to know whats the best, and y it is. I already have clone cd 4 and clony xxl because my friend gave it to me (i am registered). I was wondering if it was worth it buying a different software since I already have clone cd. Other than a cheap price on it, is there any way to get an eternal trial version for the best software. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank :slight_smile: !!!

There really is no such thing as a eternal trial version of software.
you might be able to use shareware for ages before it expires.
the best thing to do is to register it.

Most of the cd-software you are asking about, will do the same thing

Thanx for all the help (uve saved me lots of cash that I don;'t really have in the first place).