Someone explain the 1640 to me



So I bought a Norwood Micro D/L DVD burner at CompUsa today and was looking around for some reviews and ended up at this excellent site. Well after some reading I have found that the drive is a rebranded BenQ which happend to be a 1640 model. Now, what is all the fuss about this particular model? What makes it so interesting? And also should I reflash the firmware on it to the original 1640, what can I gain from this?

Thanks upfront.


It’s just a great drive, period. It burns a wide range of media very well, which can’t be said for that many drives. It can rip discs (copy them to the HD) very quickly, it allows PI/PIF quality testing of your burned discs, it allows higher than stock speeds for burning discs if you want higher burn speeds, etc., etc. Flashing the FW will improve the overall performance of the burner, to put it blunt it would be dumb not to as it takes only a few moments and improves the drive. I use BSLB as the newer FWs have some minor bugs, but BSOB is supposed to work quite well overall as well and it improves DVD-R burn quality with some media.


Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll update the firmware to the BSLB as recommended by you.