Someone deleted my post in Media Forum

Someone deleted my post in the Media Forum about TY being over-rated. I bet it was rdgrimes. All was said was something like this:

I think TY is over-rated. It is good, but not great. It worked great with my LTR-48125W. It works Good with my Aopen burner and my Plextor Burner. For the price, when getting them on sale, it can’t be beat. I personally like Verbatim though, they cost more, but they are of higher quality.

I don’t have the original post, because someone deleted it.

I belive the post you are refering too, are here…

Maybe rdgrimes deserve an appology

I added that post after I found that the original was deleted.

The only reason why I think it was rdgrimes is because we have been having a bit of a duel over at cdrlabs between the plex premium and the lite burners. It may have been the other mod though.

I would suggest if you suspect someone having done so, you contact the person directly first through PM, rather than making a public post.

If that person does not reply or the reply is not satisfactory, there are senior admins like myself who you can contact then.

We are here to help and if someone deleted your post, there is probably a reason for it. I think it will keep a friendlier atmosphere when these matters are discussed in private rather than in public where everybody can meddle in this (which usually only makes things worse)