Someone could explain to me like transforming the BTC 1004@1008?

Hello to everyone.

This is my first post, and i ask excuse for my badly english.
The sò that the question be made many times…but i dont reach to find the right information.

Tanx a lot.

Another question.

Which program i can use for knowing with precision if my DVD have been made correctly?

KProbe does not give corrected results (only for DVD-Writer Lite-On).
Nero CD-DVD Speed idem…
Now…which program then I must use???
And above all which are the better supports?

Ritek G04 Full Brand???
Ritek G04 Ridata???

Which supports? :bow: :bow:

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i think this can help

Nero CD/DVD Speed is the better solution, the BTC Drives 1004,1008 and 1108 are offically supportet.

Can you guys help me out? I have a MicroAdvantage 1004 currently at FW51. I’ve been trying to flash it to 1008, but have had no success. I have followed the directions and whenever I try to apply mtkflash, it just hangs indefinately. I end up having to manually reboot, and no changes have been made to the drive. I checked the ide cable and everything seems to be fine. Any suggestions? Thanks.

-you have to be sure that you are using a real dos bootdisk.
-what version of mtkflash do you have, where is the drive(master, slave)
-what exact command are you using?

I’ve tried using 2 different dos disks. Both said they were ok for flashing. I actually tried both 180 using the command:

mtkflash 3 w /b fw.bin

and I tried 180.1 as per your instructions in your sig.

The DVD drive is my secondary master. I have a HDD on the secondary slave.

That is a BAD IDEA.

I believe that HDD and DVD / CD drives should NOT share an IDE channel like that.

This could be reason for your problems.

Also it will make the HDD perform slowly.

I haven’t had any problems with HDD performance, but maybe I’ll try to put the HDD on my PCI adapter. Just gotta find another IDE cable.

Well I successfully flashed the 1004 to 1008. It has kinda fixed the problems with Ritek media that I had before. Rotek G04’s can now ne burned at 4x. But I have noticed that anything burned on it takes a long time to access. Whereas I tried to access some other DVD’s that I burned on G04’s previous to the upgrade, and it doesn’t have this problem. Any input? Thanks.

scan a disk with nero cd/dvd speed, Transferrate and diskquality test and post the results.

what 1008 F/W are you using?

For Herbei
I from when I have put the 0059 FW Nero Cd-dvd Speed not it makes me more the scansion but me it writes “ILLEGAL TRACK”. You say that it is better to return to the BTC1004?
The burned DVD but goes to good aim, why I have controls them to you and the programs work.
But I have noticed that with 758 FW the scansion of the DVD with Nero Cd-dvd Speed comes made!

For my understanding.

  • when you use the 0059 F/W, and you try to scan the disk´s you got Illegal track message?
  • when you use the 0758 F/W, everything is fine?
    can you post the scans from a media burned with 0758 and one from 059?

there is no problem to go back to 1004, the only problem i had with 1004 F/W was that i was only able to burn ritek g04 disk @2x speed, for all other medias it worked fine. burning @4x was the reason to flash to 1008 F/W.

if you don´t have these probs with 1004 F/W i would use the 1004 F/W.

I used the 059 FW. I tried a Nero test on Ritek dvd’s burned at 2x and 4x (both having the same data). The tests would not complete, either crashing or freezing shortly after I started it. Is it recommended that I switch to 758 revision?

why not ?

Just tried burning with the 758 revision. I get similar results. The disc is unable to complete Nero quality tests. As for accessing the files, its also similar. Some files are accessible, some are not. In the end it takes an indefinite time to access the files (ie freezing). Not sure what to do.

if you have bad results with 1008 F/W then go back to 1004 F/W, i´ve only tried the 0658 F/W on my 1004 but i think that there is no difference when you use this instead of 0758 because there where no changes in writestratagie made by btc.

if i where you i would go back to 1004 (the F/W has become really good in the last time), burn the rest of the riteks @2x (if 4x not possible) with good results and buy then some better quality medias.

So it is true that Ritek media has been going south? Even under the new firmware for 1004, my 2x burns were not perfect.