Someone buy my DVD+R's... 20 pack for $0.99 on ebay FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING!

My Ebay auction

Dear lord, I’m going to loose a lot of money if no one bids on it.

Thanks in advance for looking,

what is the mid

how much did you pay for them?

A) How could you loose that much money? DVD+R & -R’s aren’t more than $0.43 a disc :iagree: :iagree:

B) You can’t ruin a DVD+R by putting it into a DVD-R burner. It won’t burn to it at all. Unless your GF wrote all over it before sticking it in each time. :wink:

he would lose money 'coz he would also have to buy some DVD-R, and just have wasted the DVD+R

Tough crowd I guess. . .

First off, I’d loose money since I’m not charging a single penny for the priority shipping (3.85 for flat rate envelope + bubble wrap) and then the price of the dvd+r’s. Besides, EVERYONE else (except one guy in the UK) is selling their DVD±r’s with a 10-20 shipping/handling cost. I charge nothing. Oh yeah, and I have had to replace the PS2 disks that I burned with these sonic disks with more expensive ones (yes, I’ve learned my lesson). But I’m happy because the bidding is almost up to the shipping cost (5 cents away :smiley:

Ok, the truth for the non-ebay crowd. I bought a 50 pack mainly to back up PS2 games and some DVD movies. I get skipping with some PS2 games, but the DVD’s backed up perfectly. I have since then bought a 50 pack of RICOHJPNR01 and have no problems with the PS2’s, so I’m selling what I have left of the Sonic DVD+R 's. I said my girlfriend ruined them because I don’t want to say that I didn’t like them as much as the more expensive kind since they backup most dvd’s great.

The media code for the Sonic 4x DVD+R 's are: “AML 001”

I’m not screwing anyone. I just want someone to pay enough to cover the shipping and I’d be happy, but if I can get a little more to get more DVD+r’s, then great! Besides, these will make perfect DVD backups for someone out there. . .

And btw, I got these DVD+r’s originally from

well every time i tried to bid it scrieled me also you must understand i just bought a pack of ridada for 49-10 rebate and free shiping so they(aml’s=junk) are not worth a lot to most people,but good luck