Someone anyone HELp

burner pioneer 212 media ty watershield cdrs(because cdfreaks members
rate them)cd burnt at 40times nero express(nero 7.2)
Can anyone explain the attached cdspeed results seeing the 0 quality score says it all or am I worried about nothing?
The music burnt is my own created on cubase SX3 mastered to 16 bit stereo then to cdr through nero,I’ve tryed many burning speeds the 40x had got the best results quality 50% scan test the12 songs each over90%


First off, for quality scanning, Pioneers aren’t the most reliable. For DVDs, you’re better off with a LiteOn or, if you can find them, BenQ or Plextor (760 or earlier Plexes, that is I think).

For CD scanning, smilarly, you’re better off with a LiteOn CD-RW, or a BenQ or Plextor DVD-RW drive.

That TRT (transfer rate test) is a bit worrying, though - were you doing anything in the background?

No nothing in the background I only use my computor for multitracking
(recording)and burning my cd’s.I burnt the same material again and got 17% quality I couldn’t put that result on because of site limit.
I took on board your previous advice and tried to obtain a plextor premimun
but no one would send to Australia (do they exist they seem mythical)
Another member suggested a Samsung as producing good cd burns…
but !I have tested scan c1/p1 3-4 times in a row and got vastly differing
thankyou again for your time

An early 112 series and possibly 212, I’m not sure, had a defect with CD burning. Search the Asus/Pioneer burner forum, there’s some threads about it.