Somehow made a dumb mistake please help!



i have a mad dog 16xdvd9, not looking i flashed it with the 3520A firmware because i believe it twas a 16xdvd9. i’ve tried many diff ways to flash back to the right bios and it keeps sayin invalid firmware for this drive. how did it flash the invalid firmware the first time and now it can’t get it back. any help is greatly appreciated. thanx in advance.


Are you sure, you have a 16xDVD9 and not a 16xDVD9A2? If so, how on earth did you manage to flash a 3520 firmware?
What 3520 firmware did you flash exactly and how did you try to get back to a MadDog firmware?


well i have the 16xdvd9 but i thought i had a 16xdvd9a2 and flashed it with some nec 3520 hacked firmware. it was working funny so i looked at the box to see what model, when i looked i had a 16xdvd9. so i tried to go to either a nec3500a or the original 16xdvd9 firmware and no problem i’ve tried will let me do it. i’ve used necwinflash.exe, nec3x00 flasher and many more. how the heck could it let me flash the wrong bios before but i can’t flash the right bios right now! is there anyway to force it to flash the right bios, i could easily return it and exchange it at the store but i dont’ feel like taking it out unless i really have to. thanx in advance


What was the original firmware version number?
2.Fx means it was a 3500 clone
1.Fx means it was a 3520 clone


When trying to flash a new firmware with Binflash, you should get a message “Identified drive: XYZ” and “Detected Drive from Firmware: XYZ”. What are the exact values that you get here.


As far as I know, MadDog never made seperate packaging for the 16xdvd9a2 drive. They continued using the 16xdvd9 box. Read this thread. You might need to pull out the drive and check what model is on the label.


rick you are 100% right. i looked at the dvd itself and it says 16xdvd9a2 but the box say 16xdvd9. what firmware should i flash on this new drive that i exchanged out?



If it infact is a 16xdvd9a2 - then it is a 3520 - eh?

Which means that your initial 3520 flash should have been ok - and you should be able to flash it to a 3520 firmware using binflash - eh?



one of the biggest things is that i want to use mini princo dvd-r. can i flash the 3520 firmware to this drive?


Your funny behavior may be the trash-bin Princo media rather than the drive.


I would just use MadDog firmware 1F3, which you can download here.