Somebody rich buy Erwin a G5!

Can you imaging DTOX running on the new G5? Can 5 to less than 10 min. be even possible? I wonder if DTOX needs optimizing to the G5…

Doesn’t need to be optimized as 32bit apps run native on the 64 bit architecture, BUT if it was optimized… you be done processing your video_ts folder before you even put the dvd in the drive…

Glad i didn’t buy that dual 3.06 Xeon PC…


I haven’t been a desktop guy in years…until I saw the G5 and IBM muscle backing up the CPU. Now I want one bad. I think with Apple finally dumping Motorola, or putting them aside, and finally comitting to IBM CPU…things will really get interesting. If anyone can outsmart INTEL in CPU power and design…its IBM.

Forget Erwin, buy me a G5 instead :stuck_out_tongue:

Hear Hear… to think a dual 2ghz mac is over 2x quicker than a dual 3.06ghz pc - who’d have thought it…

just goes to prove, mhz means nothing, really…


Forget Erwin…see how quickly we turn againts friends eh? Heck, I’d do the same in a snap. hehe can’t wait for someone to get one and post some experience with it…

Before you go blowing away an awfull lot of money on one of these you might want to read this thread
ARS-Technica G5 News Page 2

It looks like Apples been playing pick & choose with is compilers under the benchmarks against the Intel system.

And of course the AMD Opterons a better choice than either of those.

Looking forward to an AMD64 version of DVD2One:D

Read it. So how come PhotoShop, Luxulogy and the Mathematica stuff was so fast? So fast that it was double the speed of the dual Intel systems. Not benchmarks, but real world tests. Also that Adobe PDF scrolling and search test…that was wicked fast.

Don’t get me wrong they look nice computers a good speed upgrade for Mac users but it doesn’t look good when you deliberatly pick a compiler that will produce slower results on a system your benchmarking SPEC against.

Also Jobs made the claim that they were the only company going to be selling a 64-bit personal computer, that strange considering I can buy an AMD Opteron and motherboard right now and put 64-bit linux on it and win64 is out at christmas.

Also Apple bench their Dual 2GHz their most expensive and fastest part against a single (Dell:Z) P4 3Ghz CPU under photoshop doesn’t seem fair to me.

On the others I cant really comment on but I’ll conceed their faster from the time being.:wink:

(why didn’t apple put their new parts up against AMD Opterons):stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll stop posting now to avoid this turning into the thread I linked to which has balloned to 5 pages already.


If I buy a Dual CPU G5, is DTOX smart enough to tax out 1 processor and leave the other idle for other things? Or does it tax both?

Rene? Any insight to this?

Also, any idea if you will be optimizing DTOX for 64 bit Panther?


I would rather have DTOX max both processors. Can you imagine how fast that would be. If you actually have 8 gig RAM, you can just about load up the entire file on it. Not sure what the benefit, but it sounds wicked to be able to do that. Also I read about the Audio test they did. 1000 audio stream, 8 eq per channel…only using up 25 percent…wow…lots of power there on that G5.

By the way the guy who’s article is making rounds about Apple doing a fix on the test causes Apple to respond to it.

Let’s settle this argument by saying that whatever the tiny little details of the benchmarks may be, speed isn’t a reason to not buy a Mac anymore… while Windows is STILL a very good reason not to buy a PC. :bigsmile:

I don’t think your harddisc would be capable of maintaining a good IO flow if you issued both processors at max speed.

I did some testing on a quad xeon under win2k and the harddisk is allways the bottleneck. DVD2one can create data much faster then most harddisks can handle.

So before we even think about making a superduperdualprocessor version they first need to make a solidstate harddisk system, so the diskIO could keep up with the processing speed.

What if you rip and load it to RAM. 8 Gig RAM. Or is that still too small. If it was 16 GIG now that would be nice.

Hey, I’d be the first that wants a G5 (the dual-proc, mind you…), but…

As Rene said, HD is the bottleneck, so DTOX won’t profit as much. However, if I had that much processing power, why should I want to compress and get worse quality? I’d go with re-encoding. Shouldn’t take that much longer :slight_smile:
OTOH, is there any software for the Mac that comes even close to CCE?

No, I think I’d wait for a dual or quad Opteron in a few months. Shouldn’t be more expensive either.

Or look at it this way:
G5(the fast one) = $3000 = 200 DVDs = 1.000 high quality DVD-Rs.

I rest my case.