Somebody please help me with Watermarking issue!



Hi, I am new to this forum. I was wondering if ANYONE can please help me…

Here is my problem. I received a pre-release music CD from a major record label, the CD was sent to my office and it was not sealed, it was sent via courrier…

The CD was watermarked, I know for facts it was never played from the date we received it nor was it ever givin to anyone…

Out of NOWHERE the record company calls and says we are sending a letter saying CD has been leaked on the internet and we traced it back to you via Watermark!!!

I am completly shocked as this is a HUGE accusation :frowning: and I dont want my entire livly hood ( I am in music writing) to be destroyed…

All I knwo is we never even played the CD, and the CD has not left the office…

My Questio is: Is their ANY way I can protect myself…I have the CD in question…any way I can check the logs? see where it was played? Show records of my Office IP to prove we did not upload it?

Could it be the record company leaked it and now I am scapegoat?

Any suggestions on how I can be cleared on this?

Please help …

Thanks in Advance,
Scared Silly!


be sure to pack some soap on a rope…

no idea dude, good luck!


anyone know how I can do a diagnostic of the cd?


You can’t do that.

What I would do is :

  1. ask details to the record company. Where and when did the
    music appear on the internet ? Can they track the source to
    an IP address in your city ? Which watermarking algorithm
    do they use and what certainty do they have that it comes
    from you (the watermark might have been weakened by e.g.
    MP3 compression) ?

  2. Forensics all your office computers + employees laptops.

Sure, it might have been ripped and leaked by an employee
of the record company, the courrier company, etc.