Somebody, please assure me that I purchased genuine TY media

Okay, so I’m at a loss for words right now… I don’t know WHAT to think…

Can somebody help me? Maybe I got a bad batch? Maybe I’m just over reacting?

These scans are the average of several independant tests:

Burner: NEC Optiarc AD-7170A
Media: YUDEN000 T02
Speed: 6X (CLV)


Burner: NEC Optiarc AD-7170A
Media: YUDEN000 T02
Speed: 6X (CLV)


Both PIE and PIF is what worries me…

Thanks in advance to anyone who can shed some light for me!


It’s NOT my burner, which rules out that. :bigsmile:

It’s definitely the media…

Is this a joke? Maybe you shouldn’t be performing quality scans, in the wrong hands… :stuck_out_tongue: Quality scanning is a great tool, but some people might be better off not using them if they’re going to hold this much weight on their results. I’m at a loss for words that you’re at a loss for words. :doh:

All media varies from batch to batch, and none of your scans are bad at all. You could have gotten FAR worse results and it would mean nothing as to whether or not they were legit. And I’m quite certain they’re real, yes.

Must be since the OP is complaining about near perfect scans. :rolleyes:

[Certainly wouldn’t get scans as good as those from a brand new pressed disc. :wink: ]

Lol… I’m not even going to start on how some people on this forum over react to scans.

The supposedly crap scans even have an average jitter below 8%…

Anyways, yes it looks legit and fine.

This is what happens when keeping it real goes wrong. The insanity over quality scanning that pervades this board has started to infect the minds of newbies like corporate rap has poisoned the minds of youth.

HAHAHA! :stuck_out_tongue:

WOAH… fellas fellas! I was NOT complaining… I was merely asking an innocent question!

I totally understand the need to not base results on quality scans alone… why do you think I posted the question: “Am I over-reacting?” Thanks for your hospitality, I guess I got my answer. :Z

Yeah, I’m considered a noobie with regards to posting… but I’m an experienced reader… and no matter how many threads I’ve visited over the years, I still got worried when the PIE and PIF totals were multiplied by about six! How was I supposed to know this was within normal operating parameters? I’ve never seen anybody report this before.

Maybe somebody can show me what a fake TY scan looks like? Don’t go pointing me in the direction of the fake TY thread please, as I’ve already been there.

I hate to say it, but geez, you guys have really lost it…

I know ALL about quality scans… how to rely on them, when to not, etc. etc. I know they mean little without a complimentary benchmark and/or scandisk. I was simply under the impression that six times a figure was a big difference, that’s all!

Thank you for your kind, warm, and welcoming answers folks. I look forward to asking more questions. :Z

Did you check the batch code on the discs?

Yes, but I read somewhere that companies have managed to forge even the batch codes.

Thanks for being the first one to post a normal, ridicule-free answer though! I appreciate your support. :wink:

Sorry Zoinbergs, do we have to walk on eggshells around you? I never aimed at making myself seem hostile towards you but you seemed to have had a big spew at us for pretty much nothing.

You say you read plenty and know [I]ALL[/I] about quality scans eh? How come you didn’t know that batch by batch, discs scan differently? Different writers at different speeds do also. I guess you know it all so I won’t bother telling you much more :slight_smile:

I [I]did[/I] know that batch by batch, discs can scan differently. I just didn’t know BY HOW MUCH. I mean, what’s considered the limit, anyhow? What would YOU consider outside the normal operating parameters for genuine TY media?

You see, I have no idea what’s outside the norm for TY, because [U]everybody[/U] posts scans like the first one I offered! (Hence the rough start to this conversation!) I have yet to see an average, or perhaps a poor disc quality scan to compare my results against. I have no idea what to expect… I agree that too many noobs are being poisoned in here every time they see (and subsequently drool over) that fantastic scan you or I finally achieved by taking dozens of disc quality checks from dozens of different batches!

Where’s all the average scans, eh? I guess nobody posts them because nobody cares to share not-so-spectacular work. Apparently my second scan I offered you guys IS spectacular though, after all… but I had NO WAY of knowing that based off of the hundreds of [I]truly[/I] spectacular scans (like my first one) to which I’ve been glancing at for years.

I’m just trying to get an idea of what to expect, that’s all. And I thank you (honestly) for giving me a rough idea. Now I know not to be so worried in the future, if I dare be worried at all.

TY DVD+R Scan Results Thread
How to Interpret Scans Thread

@zoinbergs: Your first scan is better than any scan I have got with my YUDEN000 T02 media. The second scan is roughtly the same as mine for PIF and slightly worse for PIE. The first scan is excellent and the second is still very good, although you can’t really judge the quality of a disc as good without performing an actual reading test.

Your results are within normal variation of media.

You can even get quite a bit of variation between scans on the same or similar drives as you can see here.

@everyone: Let’s keep this thread friendly, please.

Those are very nice scans. I’d be happy with them. :slight_smile:

Of course I have to ask if there are TRTs to match.

For bad, look at TYG01 burned on an LG 4167B ;)…and yes, genuine TYG01 :wink:

Your scans are fine, don’t worry about them.

The best way to be sure of a genuine TY disc is to check the batch code printed on the disc around the hub area. From the Taiyo Yuden FAQ thread:

TAIYOYUDEN 2x DVD-R (batch code: GBxxxxxx)
TYG01 4x DVD-R (batch code: GDxxxxxx)
TYG02 8x DVD-R (batch code: GGxxxxxx)
TYG03 16x DVD-R (batch code: GHxxxxxx)
TYG11 8x DVD-R DL (batch code: BGxxxxxx)
YUDEN000 T01 4x DVD+R (batch code: TCxxxxxx or TSxxxxxx)
YUDEN000 T02 8x DVD+R (batch code: TGxxxxxx)
YUDEN000 T03 16x DVD+R (batch code: THxxxxxx)

… so you would want to look for a code starting with TG written around the hub of your discs.

This is what a really bad fake TY scans like: (Hyundai-branded fake)

This scan is also a fake TY (Comstar branded). Surprisngly decent-looking for a fake, but a) still not quite as good as the real thing, and b) of entirely questionable longevity.

Rescan @16X and post the results , this could give you a shock :wink:

You’re mean :bigsmile:

Instead of teasing poor Zoinbergs, how about comments about the out of spec PIF values in his scan? PIFs over 4, would you trust media with them if they contain crucial data or would you burn them again?

I remember a few people here saying they’d reburn if there were a lot of PIFs out of spec. Here I doubt it’s “a lot” (the resolution of the pictures doesn’t tell me if they’re single spikes or small clusters), but still, I am a bit surprised at the results for T02.

After bad batches of T03’s, now T02 quality going down as well? Although slight here, is it a trend?

Anyone with recent T02’s from different stores could perhaps do a scan and post?


He scans with a BenQ that reports PIFs at 8ECC, meaning that it counts the PIFs of 8 ECC blocks together before reporting.
Most of us use LiteOn or Plextor to scan that report PIF at 1ECC.
Considering that this is an 8ECC BenQ scan, these PIF max are not really alarming.
Besides, single spikes are usually not problematic.

IMO, these discs are fine. Maybe slightly worse than some other YUDEN000 T02 but still good.
Some are over-interpreting the scans…