Somebody help! reboots while burning!

I just finished building my own computer a few weeks ago and really haven’t had any problems with it…until I tried burning some cds. Now I’m having all kinds of problems, mainly rebooting during the burn. At first I thought it was because I had Roxio cd creator installed, but its gone and still having these problems. I’ve been using mostly Cd-Mate now and sometimes I’m able to finish a burn if I don’t have any other programs running and I don’t do anything else on the computer.
I just don’t know what to do…I’ve reformatted, done a repair on Windows XP Pro, even put my burner on different IDE channels!

Also, when my computer reboots, i get missing “hall.dll” file error. I usually run “chkdsk” and it allows me to reboot without any errors. This error may be separate from the burner problem, but I just don’t know, I’ve searched all the internet trying to find an answer to this problem, still no solution…here are my system specs and hopefully someone sees what my problem is:

Abit kt7a motherboard
1000ghz Athlon slot a
256 pc133 ram
visiontek geforce3 ti 200
ibm 60gxp HD
Plextor 12x10x32a----had this burner for a couple years, never any problems burning before
Toshiba dvd sd-m1302

Anyway, sorry to be so longwinded! Please help me if you can and thanks…:frowning:

Did you have this problem before you upgraded to windows XP?
Have you tried Nero/CloneCD or other programs? If they work you may contact CD-Mate about the problem.

It may be cause by something in your computer:
-Bad mainboard, abit is one of the most problemful brands to my experience, try to upgrade the bios to the newest version.
-Bad memory
-Low quality/to weak powersupply.
-Overclocked system.

It may also be a driver problem:
ASPI drivers
IDE drivers
Other drivers as well
And have you tried to write right after you have installed XP & CD-Mate & no other programs?

I’ve been using XP for several months on my old computer and never had a problem with it, so that’s not it…
I’ve had it happen with all the burning programs, so that had led me to believe it was a hardware problem, thus I had started changing the configuration in my computer and BIOS…still no help there!

Wow, I did quite a bit of research before I built my computer and had seen nothing but glowing reviews for abit’s kt7a, but I do need to upgrade to the newest BIOS…

I am worried about the memory, its generic and so I have already bought some Crucial pc133 that should be here on Monday. I would be in heaven if that was the problem!!!

The power supply is an Antec 300w switching power supply, so I’m not really worried about that.

My system isn’t overclocked…everything is to spec.

Now I’m sure that drivers could be the problem and I’ve tried to do some guessing on that, but you know how tough that is…
I do have the latest 4in1 drivers installed and all the proper WinXP drivers for my sound card and video card
I’m not really sure what you mean by IDE drivers??
I’m going to upgrade my BIOS tomorrow and see if that helps…probably won’t with my luck…hehe!!

I reinstalled WinXP tonite and then reinstalled cdmate and tried to burn a cd while I was typing this reply to your post and the darn computer froze up on me and supplied me with another coaster!!! So, no luck there…

I would really like to hear about your experience with Abit mobos or give me some links describing the problems that have been experienced with them…anyway I greatly appreciate your help and advice and sorry to be so longwinded again!!:smiley:

I have the Abit KT7A RAID motherboard, and it has been bulletproof in my experience. I have about every burnware under the sun (practically) loaded and never have a conflict or problem. Then again, I don’t run WinXP, but Win98SE. I’ve even overclocked it 1x, to 1333 since I do a lot of DivX encoding and can use the extra CPU speed. This has had no discernable effect on system or burning stability, and CPU heat has increased minimally.

I’m using 512 MB of Crucial 133 memory in mine. I suspect that the generic memory in yours could be the problem. A crash and system reboot in the middle of an operation is a classic symptom of faulty memory.

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I’m working with computers all day long and so far my experience with abit is not good at all, here is some comments I have:

Abit BM6: Up to 30% failure rate, don’t like all types of memory.
Abit BE6/BE6-2: Don’t use PCI slot 1: conflict with AGP, PCI slot 3: Conflict with integrated highpoint controller, PCI 5: Bus mastering not possible, conflict.
This leaves me with only PCI 2 and 4 usable, and PCI 1 may sometimes be used for NIC’s but not sound or other things.
Can’t copy large files from Harddrive on highpoint controller to harddrive on main IDE controllerunder w2k/XP = BSOD. Have to use w98.
Up to 35% failure rates.
BH6: Up to 15% failure rates.
KT7A: Really hard to get stable, moving around cards from different PCI slots to remove conflicts needed. Highpoint IDE controller is really crap.

That’s the reason why a webshop( in Norway also stopped selling them…

And Abit & Lite-On LTR-24102B = bad combination.

Mainboard manufacturers that have worked great for me:
Asus: Superior quality & stability & performance.
MSI: Superior stability, average performance.
AOpen: Good stability, average performance.

Mainboard manufacturers that have caused me problems:
Epox: Unstable, also uses that crap highpoint IDE controllers.
Abit: Superior performance & loads of features, but crap quality, compatibility and stability.
Shuttle: Best mainboard layout I’ve ever seen, but compatibility & stability issues.

Do some of you read MSI & Asus do normally crash way less than most other mainboard brands in their stress tests…

That’s my experience at least, I don’t want a long discussion on this matter since I really don’t care if your experience is the opposite.

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Now some more suggestions:

IDE drivers: Some IDE drivers is just not good, IDE drivers is included in the 4in1 package for VIA and in other driver packages for the other manufacturers(SiS, ALi, intel…).

I also had a High Quality 300Watt Fortron/source PSU make my computer unstable, freezes & reboots while encoding DiVX.
Switched to a brand new Enermax 350Watt and all problems disappeared.

I want to touch on a point OC-Freak made.

The PSU is the most over looked hardware of all !

Everyone today wants the fastest Motherboard , largest HD , super Gig. CPU , monitor melting V-Card , deafning Sound Card , tons of Ram and the Fastest Burner Alive !

Well all the above is junk without the propper PSU… everything above has one thing in common for peak operation… CONSISTANT VOLT. , WATT. bottom line !

OEM 200 , 250 , 300 watt. PSU = trouble on the Horizon…just a matter of when.

I agree with OC-Freak , you’ll be amazed at how many problems go away with the propper PSU .

My 450 watt. Enermax PSU = Luv…:wink:

ASUS A7M 266 DDR mainboard = Very Stable & Trouble Free :cool:

Waylander_33 your 300 watt. Antec PSU is a good one.

My Antec is model no. pp-303xp 300w power supply. I’ve heard good stuff about Antec, so I hope that’s good enough.
Still working on my computer, gonna work on the BIOS later on today…

Hoping memory is the problem!!

The Lite-On LTR-24102B tray eject problem was fixed by Lite-On firmware update R245S57.

I read the AnandTech article on the Abit KT7A RAID Motherboard before I bought mine. To quote from the article page 5:

The KT7-RAID was known to have very good stability, placing second in our stability tests, topped only by the MSI K7T Pro2. It crashed once during our 24-hour stability stress test, which is quite impressive. With the KT7A-RAID, ABIT put a total of thirteen 2200uF capacitors and eight 1500uF capacitors around the CPU socket, 8363A North Bridge, and the DIMM slots, which is exactly the same as the old design. During our stress tests, the KT7A-RAID crashed a total of two times, slightly more than the KT7-RAID. This may be due to a layout that was not originally designed for 133MHz operation. Then again, two crashes within 24 hours is still very impressive and is likely within the margin of error for these tests. On average we get around five crashes for KT133 motherboards.

I can do DivX encoding and watch a DVD at the same time, or surf the web and burn CDR’s while encoding. Even though overclocked, when I push it hard the stability is excellent in my experience.

The Highpoint RAID controller has worked very well for me, running two 40 GB hard drives in RAID 0 (Stripe), with a 40 GB and a 80 GB drive in the other two slots. I really like the ability to be able to instantly change boot drives in the RAID BIOS to restore a backup. I have the Antec SX-1030 server case with the 300 watt power supply.

Waylander_33, if you are not already aware of it, Paul’s Unofficial ABIT KT7 FAQ is probably the best site on the web for information on and troubleshooting the Abit KT7 series motherboards.

Did you ever get the bruning working?

I know this thread is old, but I had the same problem with burning under XP and an Abit mother board. I know it was that combo, because I could burn discs under Linux all day long with no problems (and I bought a new burner).

I did some playing with the settings for the IDE controller, and turing OFF DMA on the burner, it took care of my problems.

Go to Start->Control Panel, select Administrative Tools, then open Computer Managment. In the tree, open System Tools->Device Manager. Now, expand the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers item. My burner was on my Secondary IDE Channel, so I double clicked that one.

To disable DMA for your burner, go to the Advanced Settings tab. Set Transfer Mode to PIO Only for which ever device your burner is (Device 0 => master, Device 1 => slave).

HTH somebody. Like I said, it worked for me, but YMMV.



I know this is old, but Kick The Donkey’s thread solved my problem. Thank You.

I guess this would fall under the “Searching Out Loud” category :wink: