Some want set-top box killed

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Verizon is the latest company to join a movement that wants the television set-top box eliminated.

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These big corps wouldn’t be backing it unless there was some kick back somewhere in the line. It is all about the dough, bottom line.

More DRM is assumed, of course.

A Collaborative monopoly is still a monolopy


I’m afraid I’m as skeptical as others who posted before me; this is most likely an attempt to get full control over media distribution in people’s homes.

This then makes it possible to force-feed people advertisements they don’t want, and remove saved content after a while to prevent people from saving it “forever”, in the hope people will then buy it on DRM-ray or as download instead, and prevent certain shows/movies from being saved at all (broadcast flag).

Well if it’s some type of standard that gets built into TV’s and DVD recorders it might be OK. If I still have to rent the POS and pay them a monthly fee for it then I’m not interested.
Comcast just got a waiver allowing them to give out “free” DTA boxes so they can then eventually scramble ALL of their channels above analog 31 becuase the boxes can decode the new system but only output SD on channel 3 RF so no HD at all but anyone can use them on any TV satisfying the must carry and be able to watch rules for some channels.
That means people who now don’t rent a box but use QAM tuner equipped devices to get the clear QAM SD and HD channels will no longer be able to do so soon if they enable the scrambling.
So why would they want to do this new idea when they are trying to force people to use a box now, knowing that most will get frustrated by the lack of any HD content and upgrade to a HD box and service, thus making them even more money and forcing us to use their gear to do anything…
It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I have not rented any of their gear in 20 years, I don’t want to pay extra and I do use many QAM equipped devices to pick up and record the in the clear SD and HD things they pipe in.
I might keep them if the new thing is able to be used and bought by customers and freely used, I will not if it’s just yet another box you rent and pay extra for.
I have thousands of dollars worth of gear I paid for that may be useless soon, being able to get new gear that does the same might help:confused:

I don’t like the idea of everything being recorded and store at the cable providers end. I’m all for ending set top boxes. They’ve annoyed me every since cable went digital. Why not make an industry standard and build digital/hd tuners into tvs (I realize tv’s already have digital tuners, but they don’t support encryption so cable companies can’t tier their packages). Cable boxes take up too much room on the tv unit.

This all comes on the heels of Dish Network having a judgement placed against them for $200 million for patent violations (royalties) of the TIVO set-top box. I’m not impressed with this idea… in times past, the cable industry balked at the idea of having ONE standard interface for cable-tv subscription services (aka cable-card 2.x) and basically killed off the idea that would all-but eliminate the set-top rental market. Multimedia computers have DVI outputs… and that is the way video gets from a digital server to the “TV”. I don’t see any reason why the cable industry should be allowed rent out these set-tops anymore… for this reason, we bittorrent, download and distribute media as we see fit. The cable-tv subscription model is deteriorating in value. There are too many competing interests for the cable industry to get this right and their greed will always win out over doing right by the consumer… so this is a vaporware idea that will never see the light of day in mass production.

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TV’s already have a built in digital cable QAM tuner. Why not include the capability of allowing them to go up to channel 999 instead of 135 so that premium channels can be accessed? Also allow a satellite tuner to be included to replace the defunct NTSC tiuner. Using the TV as a set top box would be easier and cheaper than a separate set top box they now use.