Some VCD burning questions with Nero

I have a Liteon LTR-32123S drive and use Nero for VCD burning.

In the compilation menu, there’s a field saying ‘Create standard compilant CD’ and ‘Use CD-i application’, should I enable both of them?

Also, should I use NTSC or PAL for the VCD?

Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

I just leave it defaulted for standard, as far as your setting for NTSC or PAL that would depend on your TV, and unless I am mistaken I believe that your setting for Hong Kong should be PAL format.

Hope this helps

If you create a standard compilant CD, you should be able to play it in any VCD player.
If your original material is in PAL, I’d say stick with it.

Thanks for the replies, but how do I check if the original DAT file is PAL or NTSC?

Thanks in advance.

you can choose between the formats for a vcd? thats blowing my mind. i thought it was a set format. set resolution set framerate etc. guess im wrong :frowning:

PAL files are encoded at 25 frames/second and their size is 352 x 288
NTSC files are encoded at 29.97 or 30 frames/second and their size is 320 x 288
These are the typical specifications for standard compliant VCDs.

If you can view your video file with Media Player, right click > properties > details will give you the video size.

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i thought mpeg1 = mpeg1 , standard size, framerate, regardless. oops :wink:

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ckin2001, mpeg1 can come in various sizes.
However, to create a complient VCD, you’ve got to adhere to the standards.