Some upcoming U.S. media sales (November 6, 2005)

Staples two-week sale, November 6 through 19.

100-packs of 8x +R and -R Imation for $24.94 look interesting, but these could be almost anything: MBI, CMC, Prodisc, Ricoh.

OfficeMax one-week sale, November 6 through 12.

A lot of Verbatim media on sale.

50-packs of 16x Verbatim +R and -R for $17.99 (MCC004 and MCC 03RG20), same deal as this week’s Best Buy sale.

10-packs of 2.4x Verbatim +R DL for $19.99 (MKM 001), same deal as this month’s Microcenter sale.

Thanks agent009

Fry’s Electronics sale, November 5 through 8.

This is GQ, typically silver-top, unbranded media (with OPTODISCOR8, INFOME R20, or SONY D11 inside)… not that good of a deal, but some of you might be interested. You could get good-quality discs, you could get junk. I’ve warned you.

GQ??? :Z :Z :Z
For the Imation, if made in India, then it is MBI which is very decent.
Thanks for the nice deal Agent

GQ used to be all crap media, but more and more of it is decent media. media codes

Sony, Prodisc, Optodisc OR8 is actually quite good media (older media sucks), MCC, Infome, and Lead Data. Infome is somewhat of an unknown but the discs actually burn very well with some burners. Lead Data is poor for most.

I’d rather have any of those except Lead Data and maybe Infome than Moser Baer, personally.

I am not sure about those. I even ran into TYG02 GQ disc but doesn’t mean they are authentic TY. And those GQ with TY media code, they are truly crap. Anything with GQ branded, I wouldnn’t touch even they are Sony D11, MCC 03

Yes, it is well known that the GQ ‘TY’ discs are fake, this is a deal for the +R discs and not the -R discs, so that doesn’t apply. The Sony, Prodisc, Optodisc are legit. I’ve already seen scans of GQ branded Sony discs, they looked very good. I have no idea about the ‘MCC’ discs, there’s probably a decent chance that those are faked just as the ‘TY’ are when it comes to GQ branded discs. But if someone was going into the store anyway, they would probably worth a try for $10. If you get one of the better media codes, great. If you get one of the lesser codes, use them for unimportant cheapo discs. I wouldn’t buy them assuming you are getting great discs, just that there is a good chance that they will be. If you have no use for cheapo discs if you happen to get one of the lesser media codes, don’t bother.

The hp -R 8x from Staples are CMC MAG AE1 and burn very well with my SOHW 1693s one of the few -Rs that play on my old Apex dvd player

A few more deals from Circuit City, going on today and probably for the rest of the week.

Nexxtech media can be either CMC MAG E01 (+R) or CMC MAG. AE1 or MCC 02RG20 (-R).
See here and here for some tips on how to recognize MCC media.

25-packs of Sony are a decent deal as well. You will find YUDEN000 T02 (+R, made in Japan), SONY D11 (+R, made in Taiwan) or SONY08D1 (-R, made in Japan or Taiwan) inside 8x spindles.

the sony TYs are what I have the best luck with. at least I’ll now have a backup to look for if Best buy doesn’t have any MIJ Fuji’s when I go to the mall tomorrow…better yet i can grab a flyer while I’m there and price match at staples and use my ink coupon…man this forum rules.

thanks for the heads up on the sony stuff :slight_smile:

EDIT: after looking at circuit city’s weekly ad online, the sony’s weren’t in there. is it an online only sale? Do you think I can get staples to pricematch an internet only sale?

The Sony prices are the same in the stores, I bought one pack of made in Japan -R today. I don’t think Circuit City has online-only prices.

sweet. it just wasn’t in the ad so I was confused. come to think of it the last time I price matched at staples they didn’t give me a hard time at all and i even used the cheaper best buy ad that was posted on here from another state haha. hell you could probably bring them a totally photoshopped ad and they’d match it. they didn’t seem too concerned about giving me the discount.

I can confirm that :slight_smile:
That was the first media I started with (cake-boxe x25/ ~ $10,25). It gave me constantly 97-98 % Quality score. And when I went back to the store for more of them, there were only “Made in Taiwan” cake-boxes left…
So I switched to Maxell 8x (Ritek R03 cake-boxe x25/ ~ $10,85) – stable 97 % Quality score. I burn Sony (Sony D11 cake-boxe x25/ ~ $10,25) as well, with 94 % success.

What else you could find in my country?…
First of all: No TY.
The best stuff around - Verbatim official importer: (bold text is the retail price – 1 $. ~ 1.65 lv.)
TDK 8x (CMC Magnetics) - (cake-boxe x25/ ~ $10,25)
So as Ricoh 8x (Ritek), memorex 16x at close price.
Not to be mindful of some other NoName media…

Note: All burns BenQ DW1640 @ EW164B, SB on/on, OS on, WOPC off, @12x
All prices are retail, including VAT.

Sorry for off-topic

I just came back from the local OfficeMax here in Honolulu, Hawaii. It doesn’t participate in this sale. The rep had no idea what I was asking for!

Upon checking out the OM website, I can see that this particular OM has a completely different “weekly ad” from the OM store in Milpitas, California (Zip Code 95035, just for my comparison purposes). What the heck! How come OM does this? Is this a common practice?

I picked up a spindle of Imation +Rs at Staples on this ad, and they are MBI PG101 R04.