Some thinking about, How to optimize VeloSSD

I guess the advantages of nowaday ssd and their superiority about conventional harddisk are very common.
Less common might be the obstacles in using an ssd correctly and at full speed.
If an SSD gets prepared for an direct operating system installation there are some points to take care of. For partitioning the partition should start on a specific location on the ssd to get the maximum speed.
Velossd dont put partitions on the ssd, but for files it should be the same rule I guess. Even worse, a file can be fragmented. It might not affect the access time while reading, but AFAIK writting can be on half speed in worst case if the fragments start at the wrong location.

So my question is, does this ssd drawback affect velossd somehow or doesnt it matter since the cache file dont use a filesystem?
Is there some logic in the write algorithm to deal with the size of the ssd erase blocks?

Another thing I read lately on the web might also be interesting. Some guys on had an discussion how to get some more percent writing speed on usb flashdrives, just by adjusting the partition data. Maybe this knowledge could also help to make velossd a bit faster. Would be nice if a dev could check this.

“Some” views but not even a comment? Surprisingly disappointing, I didnt hoped for a discussion, but at least a comment.
Maybe I was just writting to much nonsense to provoke a reaction, so I get ignored. Serves me well, I guess.