Some text on site is clipped

“Be part of the largest digital storage community of the world! Register now and join 262,804 other members (2483 online now)”

The last part of that is clipped and unreadable, for instance. My monitor is 24" and at a resolution of 1920x1200. My font size is on large 125% normal size (120dpi). Anything lower on my monitor and it is hard to read text. My text size in IE is set on medium. Last, the page only takes up half of my monitor space. It would be nice to get a full page like the one for the message boards. Just a suggestion.

Hi shaolin007! Thank you very much for your feedback. Would it be possible to post a screenshot of how the page looks like in your browser? You can also e-mail it if you want. Thanks!

meetoo, firefox and large fonts. cant upload image due to your file size limit.

You could also mail me if possible ->


This [post=1591633]post[/post] by MrGroover discusses the problem in greater detail.

PS: You don’t really need a screenshot, either. Just load the page in Firefox and hit [Ctrl]-[+] a few times. This problem isn’t apparent in IE because Microsoft (stupidly) locks the font size if the font size is specified using pixels (this is in violation of usability and accessible guidelines because it forces people with high resolutions and/or poor vision to stick with a small font).