Some strange problems with NEC 3500

Hi there i am New:)
I habve read quite all the old topic for the NEC.

I have bought few days ago this recorder and it is great.
But i have a strange problem.

I mean.

With firmware default 2.16 i ripped dvd from “dvd decrypter” at 2.3//2.5 x , and when i upgraded firmware using for example : LD_V2Beta2 or V3B3R2 and others the rip was always at 0.1 x … i don’t know why but is a bad thing.

And another thing. i use some dvd’s named “TECKO” that with defautl firmware i wrote at 6x.
After flashing new firmwares i can burn them at 4x max, and also coming back to 2.16 is the same thing.

Well for you what it can be ?

p.s. Sorry for my english, but i am italian :slight_smile:

My system:

Barton 2600
Abit NF7-S bios upgraded

I still use LD version 1.4 that works great