Some software suggestions

Im after third party software for:

  • defragging; ms defrag is slow and cumbersome on large files
  • anti-virus; cant find one low on cpu util and picks up most anti-viruses
  • packet cd burning software (wrong place i know); cause nero is giving my dvd burner the shits
  1. Perfect Disc, Power Defragmenter.

  2. AVG. I like Avast, but it’s not low on CPU usage.

  3. Bleh. Don’t do it. :wink:

  1. Diskeeper 9
  2. ViRobot- very low resource usage but good detection.
  3. here I absolutely agree with fritzi93 forget about packet writing software it is nothing but trouble.

1-Diskeeper 9.0
2- Eset’s Nod32 (fastest one available), easy on resources
3- No packet writting, asking for problems. You may want to research Mt Ranier packet writing, totally different concept then Roxio and Nero.
I read some good things about it, problem is few burners support it, I believe some of the Plextors do.

If you get a drive to support it you can download the software here:

I have an older Plextor 24/10/40A that does not support it, next one I get will and I’ll give it a try, sure as heck can’t be any worse than DirectCD or InCD.

1 vopt XP 7
2 bitdefender 8 pro plus (firewall and av)
3 stay ayway from it… lol

1 - Diskeeper 9 (but you should disable the Diskeeper Service when not using it, since it takes more than 10MB of ram while running…)
2 - Kaspersky AntiVirus
3 - don’t use it…

Good point about Diskeeper, I neglected to point out.

Kaspersky in many opinions is the best AV. I have tried it but I prefer the speed of Nod32 and am careful of what sites I visit to expose myself to potential viruses.

thanks guys, i in debt of your services