Some Shrunk DVDs not playing on standanle

I have the Micro Advantage Superdrive (BTC 1004) with firmware 047. All testing is with the RiData 2.4x DVD+RW supplied with the drive.

Most of my testing has been with LOTR-Fellowship of the rings (standard edition, not extended), ripped with DVDDecrypter into an iso file, mounted with Daemon Tools.

I have compressed the movie with DVDShrink 3.0 Beta5, DVDShrink 2.3, Pinnacle Instant Copy 7.06, CloneDVD, and I have burned it with Roxio DIsc Copier, Roxio DVD Builder, Pinnicle Instant Copy, DVD Decrypter, BurnAtOnce, and CloneDVD.

I have found that most of these combinations produce a dvd which is playable on my computer (the BTC, as well as another DVD-ROM drive), but are not playable on my JVC dvd player. The disc starts like it is going to play, but the player gets stuck on “C–:--:–”, where normally it would show C1 for chapter one.

However, CloneDVD (which shrinks and burns) and DVDShrink 2.3 burned with BurnAtOnce do produce movies which can be played on my standalone player.

I also tried using IFO edit and “Create IFOs” and “Get VTS Sectors”. IFO edit warned that menus were missing and I should delete some files, which I did. These discs were immediately ejected by my standalone player.

I have also tried using the DVDBitSet beta, but I dont think it is working properly. Everytime I press “refresh”, my disc is ejected.

Any thougts as to what might be going on? I am considering returning this and getting a lite-on.