Some scrambled image and audio on playback

I have a Lite-On SOHW - 812S dual layer DVD writer on PIII, 550MHz. Win XP SP2.
The DVD doesn’t seem to playback properly in the home DVD player or the computer DVD-reader. When i backup any movie, the writer puts some type of a ring on the DVD. the ring is about 1mm wide (not a perfect shaped ring) and is approximately 7-8mm from the inside edge of the DVD. it has happened on each of 5 dvd’s that I have tried. I have tried different movies too…same thing…The writing program says that it has succesfully written all data. I am using Memorex DVD-R 4X.

When I view the video on the DVD player or the PC DVD player, it works perfectly until the laser thing seems to hit the damaged part of the disc at about the 4-7 minute mark of each movie. The video becomes very distorted and I lose audio for about 3 minutes. If i fast forward to the next chapter, it works fine.

I tried using different software to do the writing but the exact same thing happens. I have tried clone DVD, dvd shrink. To decrypt, I have used anyDVD and DVD decrypter. I did upgrade the firmware for the DVD writer from the manufacturor’s website to no avail.

I thought that there was a problem with the writer itself, so I returned it to the store and got another one. Surprise, surprise, the same thing happens!!
Problem with the media? or is it something else?

My money’s on media - try Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim (Mitsubishi Chemical Corp - MCC).