Some scans of overspeeded DVD-media

Media: Verbatim DVD+R 16x
Mediacode: (MCC 004)
Writer: Pioneer DVR-S20
Speed: 22x, speeddown to 12x
Scanner: Samsung SH-222BB

Here is a scan of a speeddown from 22x to 12x. But I dunno at which point it happened

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Media: Verbatim DVD-R 16x
Mediacode: (MCC 03RG20)
Writer: LG GH-22NS40 NL01
Speed: 22x
Scanner: Lite ihas 124

Media: Verbatim DVD-R 16x
Mediacode: (MCC 03RG20
Writer: Pioneer DVR 215 1.18
Speed: 20x
Scanner: Benq 1640

Media: Verbatim DVD-R 16x
Mediacode: (MCC 03RG20
Writer: Pioneer DVR 215 1.18
Speed: 20x
Scanner: LiteOn iHAS 524

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Some scans look OK, but some don’t.

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Same can happen to media you burned at lower speed

IMHO the newer media is not so good like the media I bought many years ago, maybe because it is cheaper now

Why do you scan at maximum speed? Do you have an iHAS124 C? I suspect that this drive often reports high PI errors (compared to earlier and later LiteOn models) and I want to confirm it (I have a LiteOn and two clones and all behave the same).

Nope, I have a 124 F

Some media with some drives shiws much higher PI and sometimes PIF-rates, but AFAIK it´s the combination.

Look here at the last posts

I have also a 524 B, but it is not usable for (most) +R because it recognize it as +RW

I think you are talking about scanning at different speeds and having different results. I am talking about scanning at the same speed and still having different results. And you are comparing results when using the same drive to scan, but I am comparing results when using two drives.

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Does not look bad.

Same error rate overall?

I also have a DVD-RW with msuikvideos.

Jokes aside, I think that MCSE can enforce 20× burning speed even on 4× media. But that would not look great then.

Some look good, but some to bad for the used media. Burn with lower speeds from 8x, 12x or 16x would bring better results with this high quality media

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AFAIK MSCE can switch the writing-strategies, you can use for a 4x-media a writing-strategy for a 16x media. This strategy is maybe far away from the media-optimized strategy

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They unfortunately only support older drives, due to abandonwareness. Additionally, the read/write speed boxes are grayed/ greyed out for several drives, which is quite frustrating.
Wonderful tool, but abandoned sadly.

Setting writing strategy is useful. A slim drive could also overspeed to 32×/10×.

Firmwares of newer drives are encrypted, that could be the point of MSCEs end

  • But can the encrypted firmwares not be downloaded for backup and then be overwritten?
  • Only BD (AACS) drives or also DVD drives?

Also for DVD-drives. Encrypted FW have nothing to do with encrypted movies.

I don´t know exact what your first question is? The problem with encrypted FW is that you can not so easy edit it without help from manufacturer.

I mean:

  1. Download encrypted firmware from drive.
  2. Flash new firmware (eg. crossflash or open-source third-party) onto drive, which supports the power user tools such as a new OSALT of MCSE.

I wonder, why the manufacturers would be that stupid and deny firmware. It is just like Android phone rooting.

That´s more a question for our FW-experts

I don´t know the reasons for encrypt FW, ask the manufacturer :wink:

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