Some Scans of my new 1620


I am a former LiteOn 811s and NEC 2510a user who has made the move to the BenQ 1620. I ordered the NU DDW-163 from newegg and immediately flashed to the B7T9 BenQ firmware. I thought I would post some scans of my brief use. Looks good so far!

Looks pretty good.
The YUDEN000T02 is a little too spikey near the end of the PI graph for my liking.
I usually get better results with those discs.

I was thinking the same thing, Wesociety. My TY’s look lovely when burned at 8x or 12x… normally get a little spiking at the end if I burn them at 16x like that with the same drive/firmware the OP has.

Otherwise, those scans look good. I’d also guess that RicohJPNR01 was burned at 8x instead of the rated 4x from what bit of PI Failure clustering at the end although that certainly is still passable.

But what is up with that CMC Magnetics not having any PI Failures done on that scan? A little odd there. :slight_smile: Only thing I can figure is because of the Maximum speed setting in Nero CD/DVD Speed 3.61.

The CMC mag scan is a CDR. I burned the TY media at 16x. The next one that I do will be at 12X.

oh a CDR…no wonder…i was scratching my head…yes thats the new nero cd-dvd speed…but how come no PIF counts…??..

hehe, ok the CD-R explains. Definitely had me confused especially with the CMC Magnetics ID since I never saw a CMC labeled quite like that from DVD Media. :slight_smile: