Some scans of CD-Rs burned with older drives

Well I just found some time to scan some CD-R discs which were burned with a Sony CDU921S-PR 4x SCSI CD-R drive (Customized CDU948S).
First disc is a 12x TDK CD-R MIJ by TDK burned at 4x.
Drive to scan the disc is a Plextor PX-760A.
I would say its a good burn considering that the burner used is a 4x burner and the media used is 12x rated TDK of which the burner has no 100% compatible writing strategy.
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Here is a Maxell branded 32x TY discs also burned with a Sony CDU921S-PR @4x and scanned with a PX-760A.
Also good result but this time beta and jitter are slightly worse than the TDKs.

[quote=koba;2046709]… but this time beta and jitter are slightly worse than the TDKs.[/quote] The Jitter scale in PlexTools is floating (automatically adjusted up or down as PlexTools deems fit), so you cannot really compare Jitter levels between two PlexTools scans.

DrageMester yeah I just noticed too. But the graph looks a little more “shaky” than the TDK one.

koba you left out the details…as in how many C1 errors? :confused:

2º does that too. Sorry but i cannot count spikes.

hmm anyway to safe those info with Plextools V2.36?

Got me i have never used 2.36.

Those burns do look good. I was just wondering how many C1’s there are.

Here is the next round of scans with same drives and same burn speed as the last 2.
This time its a Made In USA 6x TDK disc.
Since i dont know how to save the info ill write down the C1 error count too.
C1 error was 8640 for this disc and no C2 and CU errors.

This time media used is a Imation branded TY 16x discs burned with a Sanyo/Nichimen/Mirai/BrainWave CDR-BP3. This drive is a 12x SCSI drive and uses the same chipset as the Plextor PX-W1210TS.
Scanned with Plextor PX-760.

Media: Toshiba branded 2nd grade Mitsubishi MIS 12x discs.
Burned with Sony CDU921S-PR at 4x.
No Beta Jitter scan with that…sorry.

Media: 2nd grade 12x MIS Mitsubishi sold under Toshiba brand.
Burned at 12x with Sanyo CRD-BP3.
Better results with this drive. Seems that Sony is not liking these AZO disc which is kind of understandable because my Sony is specially tuned for use with cyanin discs.