Some SATA burner questions

I’m going to ask these in the main forum rather than the forums for the drives I have. These are mostly just curiosity questions.

I have new Dell that no longer has any IDE on the MB, only SATA and USB. I bought two different brand SATA DVD burners (Liteon SH-16A7S and Samsung SH-S183L).

Neither drives have any firmware available despite even newer IDE drives having downloadable firmware. I’m wondering if there is something about SATA drives that makes new firmware impossible? Maybe they haven’t created the program to load them yet? So basically, I’m asking if anyone has any brand SATA burner that they have updated the firmware.

Second, I noticed that both drive names start with SH- in device manager. Why is that? Just a coincidence, they both are really made by one manufacturer, or ???

is there a data throughput increase with SATA drives or just the convenience of the smaller cables?


Many newer mainboards don’t have P-ATA connectors any more. So SATA drives are the only option for those poor guys that buy Intel :bigsmile:


I second [B]mciahel[/B]. :wink:
In fact normal IDE/PATA (UDMA2/UDMA4) is sufficient for 16x DVD burning. :slight_smile:
At least the compatibility has improved a lot…