Some Ritek DVD scans - Please Intepret

Not sure exactly what I’m looking for, just wanted to get a second opinion on some Ritek scans, as I’ve been worried about the quality of these backups since I’ve learned of Ritek’s horrible reviews.

Scans are done on a Lite 160P6S. Most were burned on NEC burners. The Ritek G03’s are fairly new and I’ve since been burning on these discs recently.

The G04’s are Newegg branded (free gift) burned at 4-8x more than a couple years ago. The G03’s are newer Arita branded (also a Newegg free gift) burned at 8x very recently. The Ritek F1’s were burned at 16X, also older discs, these are Dynex branded.

Anything I should look out for? Do the scans look okay? These aren’t anything critical, if I lose a few I’m not too worried, but I’d like to think they’ll still be there if I ever need them.

Forgive the horrible jpg quality… my image hosting wont allow .png uploads.

They all look okay, but not great. There’s several pif spikes in disc#1, but you can ignore them because there isn’t a huge pif clump surrounding them. However the spike towards the end of disc#3 might be a problem later because there is a small clump around it. It doesn’t appear that large, so there isn’t much cause for concern right now.

You should pay attention to the PIE/PIF spike at the very end of the R03 scan. The dye seems ro deterioate at the edge and this may get worse over time.

You can attach .PNG directly. Just have a look into the FAQ :wink: