Some results..Herrie,check them please

i bought cheap melody dvd-r 2X media (MXL RG01)

i’ve tried 3 firmwares.
2510 V2.15:
i burnt 6 discs and all had the same graph and the same results so no need to post them all!
LTD-166S :

ND-2500A : can read it
PX-708A : can read it

1.07 V2 Beta 4 :
LTD-166S : cant recog the disc
ND-2500A : can open it
PX-708A : cant recog the disc

1.07 V2 beta 5
burn 1:
LTD-166S : cant read the disc,shows a stupid error
ND-2500A : can read it hardly
PX-708A : can read it hardly

burn 2:
LTD-166S :

ND-2500A : can read it
PX-708A : can read it

burn 3:
LTD-166S :

ND-2500A : can read it
PX-708A : can read it

also there is a strange thing,the led/tray problem is there with 2510 2.15 firmware but itsnt with v2 b5 or v2 b4. i havent tried the stock 1.07 or 1.06 so don’t ask me!
the moment i got my drive installed it had 1.06 i upgraded it to herries v2b5 dual layer without doing any burn or any other test with the stock firmware.
thanks alot herrie for all the hard work…i appreciate it all…
keep it up mate.
anyway…back to the burns above,i believe that they’re good burns for a cheap media …arent they?
looking at the results of the 1.07 V2 B5,does this mean that the firmware learns and thats the reason for a better burn each time?
im out of media and i wasted lots of discs on this and thats why im not going to do tests with the beta 4 firmware.

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Where did you get this media for cheap? I mean from the media id given, they look to be oem’d from maxell, and maxwell have always burned great for me.

got them even cheaper at £20 for a 100 discs burn fine with f/w 107v2b4 and 5 but wont burn above there stated x2 got the discs from rambox

Maxell makes very good media.
It is difficult to find authentic Maxell discs at discount prices.
If the media isn’t made in Japan (usually stated on the packaging somewhere), it is a fake and is probably produced in Hong Kong by a factory using fake maxell ID’s.
Read more HERE.

i believe they’re fake anyway…i bought a spindle of 50 dvd-r’s for approx. 15 USD. also the PX-708A cant burn them,it stops with an error in the lead in process and damages the discs.

Sounds like fake poor quality discs to me!

yeah i know…but whats really strange is that my PS2 plays them well.
i’ll post some quality scans using CD Speed 3 although i believe that my LTD-166s results are 100% inacurate!

i used my LTD-166S for the tests,i have no liteon dvd writer or any other drive that can do reasonable measurements.

MXL RG01 @ 2X with firmware 2510 2.15:

MXL RG01 @ 2X with firmware 1.07 v2 b5 :



TY 4X DVD+R @ 8X with firmware 1.07 v2 b5 (bitsetting :dvd-rom) :

what do you think about this burns? shouldnt the TY be better?? or my drive isnt even accurate as i said before?

I don’t know, if it is only me, but I wonder every time I read posts like this one.

Herrie’s firmware is good and produce good results on media with reasonable quality. Why waste Herrie’s time asking to make this or that cheap media burn faster or perform better - to me it is as simple as: If you want to burn faster, buy better media. If you want to buy cheap media, live with it and burn them slowly so that you get the best possible burns.

Why should Herrie invest his time to save you a few dollars buing low quality media? I am extremely happy that Herrie makes the NEC’s work so much better and faster - if the market was flooded with sub 1$ TY media that could burn perfectly with 8X, it may not have been so important to me, but as it is right now, Herrie is really making a diiference.

To sum it up - why not buy good 4x media, burn it with 8x and then just let Herrie do what ever he wants…


you got me wrong…the fact here is that i wanted herrie to check what happened here with the firmware…every burn was better than the previous one,is this a regular behavior of the writer?
and well…i didnt ask herrie to improve the writing quality on such media or make it burn faster 'cause actually its a fake media that uses maxell’s code.i’m VERY happy that the burner can burn those crappy cheap discs and they can be played in 2 dvd writers,a dvd rom and a PS2 (all drives i tested in)

i hope you got me right and i never meant to waste anyone’s time…

did not ask to write media faster just replying as asked where to buy the media and at same time could ask you why dont you buy 8x media and not 4x media and have firmware to speed it up .it is freedom of choice,whats available and what people can afford and i personally think that herrie does a fantastic job with firmware for nec and should be on there r+d team but again that maybe freedom of choice

Sorry, NoLimit, I got you wrong. I should probably have read your whole post instead of assuming I knew what you wrote :o I could surely have picked a better thread to flame in. Well, I will undoubtly get the chance eventually, as these oddball requests keep on coming :frowning:

I admire interest from you, Herrie or everybody else looking deeper into matters, but I have little respect for the desires to burn crappy media fast or with superb results. If cheap meadia works, great - if not, live with it.


im sorry i didnt mention where i got them from,i live in Dubai,UAE so i don’t know if you still want to know or u live here then let me know!

it’s ok mate,nevermind.
i also don’t like to see that requests alot too so dont worry;)