Some quick questions regarding ASPI layer!



I am using Windows XP with Nero and Clone Cd 4.0 beta so far. Since I have seen so many issues are dealing with aspi layer, so I would like to know if I am OK so far, do I have to download a software such as FORCE ASPI ??

Also if I would like to install Fire Burn software, do I have to worry somehting about ASPI layer ??

Please advise.


If you have no problems…do not change anything.

If you really want to install aspi drivers you can get the new aspi4.70 from adaptec. No need for force aspi i believe.

WHy do you need Fire Burner. The latest Nero can burn bin/cue files also

good luck


Hi damiandimitri

Got it ! Thanks for your reply and it is certainly helpful indeed.


your welcome…

can you tell me why you wanted Fireburner??
If you do not know how to burn bin/cue files in Nero, just ask