Some questions



Hi all,
I am developing a cd/dvd writing application using Nero SDK
I have got a few fundmenta questions about the media which are listed below:

  1. A sector contains 98 frames of 24 bytes each which adds up to 2352 bytes/sector
  2. What is the concept of track?
  3. Howmany tracks(min/max) can be there in a session
  4. Howmany sectors(min/max) can be there in a track
  5. How many sessions(min/max) can a CD contain
  6. Can one track span over multiple sessions
  7. How are the multiple sessions of the same cd inter connected
  8. In case of a multi session CD, does the lead in area of the first session contain the the TOC for the whole CD, or else, where is the TOC for the whole CD stored
  9. How are the files stored physically?
  10. How UDF, ISO and other filesystems affect the way files are stored physically?

I know these are very basic questions, some gurus in this forum will be easily able to answer these.
Also is there a document which details what each api in Nero does in the under hood?