Some Questions with a new LTR32125W

Hi all !

I’ve just bought last week a LTR32125W coupled with Nero

I tried to burn several CD-Rs from TDK, with strange results.

  • With 74min CDR, 12x certified burned @16x -> trash
  • With 80min CDR, 16x certified burned @20x -> OK

On some of the 80min CDRs, I burned Video CDs, and got glitches that were nor present in the original CD.

I haven’t upgraded my firmware
I used SMART-BURN, and DAO/96 under Nero

I also burned a 74min CDR from a Clone CD image, but burned it @16x instead of 12x -> crap

So, doed it all come from the burning speed ? A friend of mine uses the same media with an old Plextor CDRW, and it’s OK …

Is there something special to know before burning ??

And one final question: in clone CD, a friend of, mine tols me to use Amplify Weak Sectors … I have read in this forum that this should be disabled … any thoughts on that ??

Your Lite-On Drive does correct EMF. So to put this simple, AWS with a Lite-On drive = a Coaster. So if it was enabled when you made your back ups then there is the reason for your coasters. With your friends Plex AWS is a must.

I also had problems with my media. LTR32125W with WBS 3-4.

The sony 16x @24x=crap
The Nashua 12x @32x=crap

Burned succesfully with Nero but couldn’t read it afterwards.

I changed my media to Maxell and Imation and that went real good. Now i flashed my LTR32125W into a LTR42125W and those media could also be burned @40x (for the maxell smartburn off that is) The Kodak gold 12x could be burned @32x. No probs.

So changing media was the thing 4 me. It’s strange that your TDK’s won’t work cuz it is supported media according 2 the lite-on manual and TDK is a good media ? I almost bought a spindle Ultra TDK’s but went 4 Imation cuz they were cheaper.:wink:

StryK4er -> That’s exactly my problem: the burning is successful, but I can’t read anything from such discs…

I won’t uprgrade my f/w for now since the drive is brand new, but I am looking for experiences with different media.

I also tried BASF 16x@32x -> OK !

So I guess my drive doesn’t like TDK media …
I’ll probably go back to Verbatim CD-Rs …


It’s a good thing 2 upgrade your media. It wil not wreck your burner. Upgrading your f/w will give your Lite-on more media support. It was the 1st thing i did after buying the lite-on.

Just go to the offcial lite-on site and DL the WBS4 f/w for the LTR32125W. Maybe then u can correctly burn those TDK’s.

Verbatim btw is a good choice :slight_smile:

OK, I downloaded the F/w …
I thought you wanted me to get to 40x or 48x :wink:

And I’ll give ot a try …

But is it a good habit to burn 12x@16x, 16x@20x, etc ??

:slight_smile: no, i also hesitated before flashing to LTR40125W cuz my Lite-on was brand new. Thankz to this forum and OC Freak i was convinched it could work without damaging the drive. [in my case then]

Good habit? well, if the media is suited for higher burnspeeds why not take advantage of it. Like your BASF 16x could be burned at 32x. That’s what i want out of the burner. Fast and reliable. The only thing that i have to do is to choose the right media and that requires testing. It would be perfect if the Lite-on burner could recognise all media but that’s too much to ask i think :stuck_out_tongue:

At first i thought my drive was broken cuz the media i inserted could be burned at higher speeds and were unreadable after burning. (burning at the limited speeds did result in succesfull burning Sony 16x @16x, Nashua 12x @12x but Smartburn tells me i could do better) Thanks to 83bj60 who advised me to use other certified media, i went testing and all is well now :bigsmile:

Even worse … Yesteray I tried old 80min TDK, 12x certified.

Clone CD refused them, and sent a “Power calibration error” …, while 16x certified did OK …

The thing is, I’m gonna get rid of all these TDK in no time :wink: