Some questions witch needs some answers

Hi guys / girls "LoL just triing to not be a sexist btw srry for terrible english "
so i have some question and since u guys are freaks about this things i bet i’m in good spot to ask it
first is there a site link or info shet witch can tell me what dvd writer can write what ?? i’ve problems with writing safediscs protected files it seems in end there are some files corrupted :sad:
so i gues i need a better driver since mine is 6 yrs old :stuck_out_tongue:
i need a good one witch i can use to burn my shet with << it doesn’t need to be 1 : 1 copy burn i don’t mind if security is gone and it says plz put the right dvd / cd in drive to play as long as the files aren’t corrupted :iagree:
need a good info about drivers and software to burn i use ultraiso for burning :slight_smile:
i got sony dvd rw dru - 710a ata device as driver
so i need : a site too see what burns what / if posible else / what does this shet burn ? LG - GSA-H55N ALET102
do i need another software for burning safedisc dvds/CDs ?? or ultraiso is ok :slight_smile:
thx for ur time :slight_smile:
damn it become long letter <

i know nothing about it

here is the appropriate forum to look at

just start reading threads. im sure you can find something

also someone with knowledge will comment im sure

Your Sony DRU 710A is 16x burner and it will burn + and -R single layer and double layer discs.
All you need is a decent burning software like ImgBurn and copying software, to copy disc first.
There should be enough info on site [B][I]troy512 [/I][/B]gave a link to.
For info on LG H55N, just type the model number in your search engine and it will find the drive.
That is how I found your Sony specifications.

thx very mutch :slight_smile: