Some questions regarding LH-20A1H

Hi! I saw this drive at my local computer shop at discount price and I’m thinking of purchasing it as I need a drive for scanning(the only dvd burner I have is a pioneer112)But before I spend my money on this I wanted to know a few things:

1:Is this particular model a good scanner?Comparable to other Liteon?

2:I haven’t got any free 5.25 bay so I’ll have to use it externally; I have an IDE to USB device made by conceptronic(CIDE23U) which I currently use to connect hard drives.This device has a Genesys Logic GL811E chipset inside, do you think I’ll have any compatibility issues?(I guess the best way to know it’s to try it myself but I ask in case anybody has used the drive externally using a device with the same chipset)

And that’s all, thanks for your time.

Well I finally bought it this morning just to find out that the drive doesn’t work.
I connected it to the computer using the ide-usb adapter, the drive was correctly recognised by windows as “Lite-on dvdrw LH-20A1H USB Device” BUT when I inserted a disc to try it out it wouldn’t spin, the led turns on for a second, and i can see the motor of the device that moves for a second but then stops.I try to access the disc and windows gives me the message “Insert disc”.I’ve tried all kind of discs; cdr, cdrom ,dvdr , dvdrom… and with all of them it happens the same.

So just to discard the problem was the ide-usb adapter I took my time to remove one of my drives and install the liteon internally(thank god for screwless mounting system) As I expected the drive did the same that it did on the ide-usb adapter.

Have you got any clue of what the problem can be?
My guess is the motor of the drive is damaged, I’ll have to take it back to the store tomorrow.By the way, it was a retail package and I can’t see any warranty document inside, is this normal?

Yep sounds like a defective (dead) drive to me I’ve had similar problems with drives being like that
straight out of the box and not just with Liteon drives either other brands done it as well. :doh:

That’s what I thought…I have such good luck :doh:
Let’s hope the replacement drive I should receive works fine, just read in the forum about someone having three defective replacement lite-on :eek: