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ok so call me a newby or whatever but i have some questions about the Twilights, Crazybytes and others. ok first i dont see how its even possible to get that much data crammed onto 1 cd. do i need some kind of program to extract the files or will winzip 7.0 work?
and ive noticed on CB #46 it says “american beauty” at the top of the list same thing with CB#47 it has the movie “Dogma” but its not listed on any of the 4cds, is it on a 5th cd? also for example CB is $21.00 is that for all 4 cds? or for each cd? I wasnt sure about that. ok sorry for all the dumb questions, anyone wanna help the new guy, reply or e-mail me.

thanx in advance


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You can extract the twilight with a prog called TL extractor wich you can find on this page

Those 21$ is for the complete crazybyte.


add-on info:

Twilight is a dubble cd-rom with the newest games and progs on it. THey use a method of rar [winrar] a highly compression method to put as many games on one cd as possible.
they rip off the movies and speech add-ons of the games so there is less space needed.
this all will fit on a 700 mb cd-r.

Crazy bytes is a 4 cd-rom all the same as twilight but it has more games and progs. They decided to have a ‘worktitle’ for every new number that comes out. they have chosen for a movie title so thats why…

hope it clear some shit out.


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Thanks Guys, that Answers alot of my questions about the cds. Ill probably take a chance and order some in the next week or so.

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