Some questions on LG 4120 with DVDRAM

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I saw that LG 4120 can write DVDRAM and I have some questions about this feature.

Is possible to read/write on DVDRAM as on a floppy/hd ?

Which kind of DVDRAM (with or without cartridge, size, etc) is accepted ? Which can be a good quality/price media ?

Here in Italy I don’t find DVDRAM disks, does anybody know any online shop selling DVDRAM ?

I asked too much ? :bigsmile:

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Yes, you can use DVD-RAM like floppies and HDDs. GSA-4120B can be only used with DVD-RAM disks without cartridge. It is possible to use DVD-RAM with cartridges but you have to remove the cartridge to insert the disk.

Even if you can order DVD-RAM media in your region, it is expensive to order. I mean even to import in small quantity because of very high unit prices and lack of providers.

here in israel you can find ritek DVD ram at x2 which is not expensive. it works great with 4082B. look for ritek media and you might find it. has Optodisc DVD-RAM 9.4GB double-sided. The lowest price for 9.4GB DVD-RAM I could find online was US$4.x.

Thank you to both :slight_smile:

For what about Ritek, I found them on a italian online shop but they cost about 9$ each, while Optodisk have a good price compared to the others, I will check if I can find them in some shops here.

Checking on internet I also found some package called something like “video dvd ram”, it means they are specific for video devices or I can use also them on LG ?

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I add the picture:


You can use them in LG.