Some Questions For Canadian cdfreaks

I will be traveling to eastern BC for a fishing trip the first week of September and need to clarify some things prior to my departure…It’s been a few years since I last made this trip and I’m sure some things have changed, and want to make a good impression on my Canadian hosts…

  1. Is Tim Horton’s the national restaurant of Canada, eh?

  2. Is the jelly donut the national food of Canada, eh?

  3. What beer goes best with jelly donuts, eh?

  4. After the fall migration to Florida, is there anyone left up there, eh?

  5. At what temperature does a car engine actually freeze solid, eh?
    (Fahrenheit of Celsius…I’ve heard Canadians are bilingual)

  6. Has bigmike7 been assimilated by the Canadian Borg, eh?

  7. Like, what’s with the eh? Like, that’s gotta be, like, you know, one of the most annoying things ever. I’m, like, you know, really glad we don’t have any, like, really annoying habits like that here in AMERICA. Dewd.

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide… :bigsmile:

Here ya’ll go.

1] Not a restaurant, more like a coffee house. I hope ya’ll can tell the difference.

2] Not, ya’ll.

3] That depends on what part of Canada your in ya’ll.

4] Don’t drink beer with jelly donuts ya’ll.

5] That depends on how well you mantain you wheels, I don’t plug the wheels in until the temp reaches -25 C or -13 F ya’ll.

6] I could tell ya’ll , but then we might have to kill ya’ll.

7] You ya’ll missed #7.

8] Like what’s with ya’ll, Don’t ya’ll think that is annoying? Don’t have any, like, really annoying habits, Whatever. :bigsmile:

On the serious side, you could bring a least a pair of shorts and some tee-shirts, Sept can still be nice during the day. Bring a sweater or pull over for the evenings can be cool. Bring a light rain jacket just in case. You don’t have to worry about your engine. If you drink Kokanee beer you will fit in. Otherwise normal clothing and some bug spray.

:cool: :cool:

It must have been the excitement of the trip planning…eh! :wink:

Heading up to Fernie and then back to the headwaters of the Elk River, eh!
Beautiful country up there, eh!
Thanks for the help…Dewd… :bigsmile:

Did u know u gotta have some treats on you for our downtown bears, eh? Coz they kinda eat first and then socialise…
Apart from that everyone is friendly. Watch some “corner gas” to get you in the mood. :slight_smile:

Do y’all from the American Continent, like, have, like, some sort of speech impediment, like, something, eh?
Do y’all think, like, a bear, like, craps in the woods, eh?


What is up with all these [B][I][U]ya’lls[/U][/I][/B] - especially from fooreigners-eh!

(btw - jelly donuts are most delicious when washed down with a very cold Molsen-eh!)

It’s obvious that they don’t understand the proper usage of ya’all…Ya’all is singular, and all ya’all is plural, eh!

So you were assimilated…Did it hurt when they installed the extra brain cells, eh?

Yo Slim D-

(and I don’t mean Dogsled)

Learning French was the hardest part-eh!

(oh - and being ultra kind and nice to Americans-eh!)

This is the beer you should drink while in British Columbia. Kokanee doesn’t go well with jelly donuts.:disagree: Also know the difference between Black bears and Grizzly bears. Enjoy your trip.:bigsmile:

If you want to understand where eh comes from. Checkout the movie The Adventures of Bob & Doug McKenzie: Strange Brew (1983)

In Canada we always joke about our American couterparts always saying ya’ll ( sounds like you all ) in there speech. And they in turn bug us about saying eh.

:cool: :cool:

So then for jelly donuts, I should stick with le Blue, and drink Kokanee around the campfire… :wink:

Thanks, but I figured after 5 days of not bathing and sweating in my waders, the bears won’t find me that appetizing…But then again, they may find me mildly enticing… :eek:
Thanks, I’m looking forward to the trip and the scenery…

Watch South Park Episode 715 for more info. :slight_smile:

“There’s no Canada like French Canada; when you live here for a day you’ll understand… you’ll understand…”

(Oh no, forget this post.)

OK, I’m a dual nationality English/Canadian person, and I don’t say “eh” (very often) so you can get a neutral opinion here (well sort of).

  1. Yes
  2. No; it’s the craft dinner … eh? (crap…I’ve been assimilated too…)
  3. Tim Horton’s double double coffee beer
  4. Only the <50 age group… Oh to be a snow goose…
  5. Hyundai engine freezes solid at -32C. Bitter, bitter experience.
  6. Probably
  7. You never did answer than one :wink:
  8. How d’you like them apples, eh,? For sure, that’s brutal eh? D’you like the Hip and the Barenaked Ladies eh? (If you like Celine Dion, go to Vegas instead of BC)

More seriously - I’m going back country canoeing / fishing for the next week too. Have a great time and good luck fishing (hopefully you won’t meet any bears :eek: )

  1. But aren’t you American? You do not need any bad/annoying habits.