Some Questions abt Dvd burners

I have a few queries abt Dvd Burners … pls do clarify…

1)Will writing of cd’s or cd-rw on a dvd burner decreases the life n efficiency of the dvd burner in writing dvd’s?

2)By using some medium quality blank dvd’s for burning data with burner will decrease performance of burner?

3)Similarly watching a full length Dvd movie from the drive directly also decreases performance in long run?

Thx in advance…

  1. no, there won’t be any decrease.
  2. the burner performace remains the same on every media. the burn quality will only be bad on some cheap media. (not cheap in price, as almost every disc costs almost the same)
  3. the drive is made for this task, so there should not be any decrease in performance.

use only quality media. you can’t go wrong with verbatim. here in germany they’re cheaper than some crappy Sony, Philips or TDK blanks.

the writer will last long time if you don’t watch movies all day long or burn 20 discs in row. it should at least work very fine for two years. after that, you could buy a new one, just because of new advanced technologies becoming cheaper (regarding hd-dvd and bluray).