Some questions about scanning in 1655

when scanning overburned media @ 8×,lots of errors(pof) and high pie and pif spikes …->scan (and this was one of my best! 2 bad I threw the disc away :sad: )
same disc @ 4x ,no problem… Is this normal?

and what to think about this?same disc,totally different pie spikes(where and how high)

edit: checked wrong discs :doh: so forget last question :stuck_out_tongue:

Great overburned!
So what’s the question again? :smiley:

Hi Scheirmes,

BenQ scans often don’t like discs burned in other drives, especially when Jitter is around 12% or more, error readings aren’t reliable any more (too high). The newer LG drive burns drive the BenQ crazy! :slight_smile: