Some questions about Philips PBDV1640P


i have the philips PBDV1640P! i flashed this drive to the firmware B3.6 !

now i have some questions about this drive:

1)is this the same writer like the BENQ 1620? if yes, would you flash the drive to newest BENQ firmware?
2)is this a OEM or a retail writer (or firmware)!if yes,would you flash the drive to retail? (somewhere i have read such information)
3) which DVDs can be written in good quality on this drive except tajyo yudens?

thx for help & sorry for my bad english

  1. Yes and yes
  2. Oem, flash to Benq
  3. Verbatim +R

which benQ firmware is the best one? is it the newest?

should i take the G… or the B… firmware? i’ve read somewhere, G means retail & B= OEM!

thx for help

G is OEM, B is retail. flash to B7W9 with BQFlasher.

ok, now i’ve flashed my drive to benQ 1620 B7W9!

should i enable or disabel WOPC?

i have seen, the writer also can BLER OPC! how can i enable/disable this function? what’s better for a good quality, enable oder disable?

can the benQ 1620 “solid burn”?? if yes, how i can enable/ disbale this? what’s better to write in good quality, enable oder disable?

thx for help

hi can i know where to d/l files that are needed to flash my Philips PBDV1640P to a Benq 1620?..I want to be able to use some of the benq software. I did some search for the files but some links are down it seems. I would be grateful for the help. Thanks in adv.

Use Benq flasher.


thanks man…i found it just before your reply…finally mine is a benq!..cheers to x-flashing…

does anyone have the updated link for this firmware?

[QUOTE=kevpunk;2125879]does anyone have the updated link for this firmware?[/QUOTE]