Some questions about Nero CD-DVD Speed on an Optiarc AD-7170A

I am currently using NEC Optiarc AD7170A as my burner.

I then burn my discs and try to scan the quality. Does the scanning speed affect the results? If yes, does 4x produces the most accurate results?

And one more questions, is it suitable for me to use Nero CD-DVD Speed, as I heard that it’s better to use the Kprobe for some burners?

Thanks all.

KProbe will not work on your Optiarc 7170.

NEC burners and perhaps also Optiarc burners are not considered very reliable scanners, and the least unreliable scanning speed can vary from drive to drive, but many people in the NEC/Optiarc forum use 5x as the scanning speed. On my NEC 4551 which is older than your Optiarc 7170 I use 12x because the 5x and 8x speeds are completely whacky.

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Thanks for your quick reply. Your answer is clear. Thanks once again.

I think it varys alot with Nec drives, I got great scans with my original Nec 3500 but then with my 3520 and 3540 the scans became less reliable. It could be that I got drives that were not up to the task, because others have had better luck, but I have also found that 5x was the best scanning speed for Nec drives.

will Nero burn DVD-ram with this drive?

DVD-RAM discs can use drag and drop method much like you would a hard drive. Just takes longer to write to DVD-RAM discs than to hard drive.

I have Nero 6.3 OEM
will Nero burn DVD-ram with this drive?
if not, do you need another version (of Nero)?

I also have a Samsung Sata dvd burner (dvd ram etc) that came with Nero 6.6 oem, I guess that would work with the optiarc burner?

I’m using the latest Panasonic DVD-RAM utility, kindly hosted by mobilenvidia: (post #10):flower: . Works great with all the drive brands I’ve tried. (I use UDF1.5 format.)