Some questions about my blank DVD and my video ,data

hi guys

i have read most of the sticky post but it really make me confused.
i only have some small question:

1.I have to burn my data , i have some types of DVD and i don’t know wat is good media.Show me best soft to test , after test where can i post the result to receive the comment from you guys. I burn my DVD so i wonder +r or - R. Some say -R for standablone player.

2.Should i make the image of my data by using imgburn ? Some say it protect my data . Or i use ICE ECC ? DO you know some better method to archive and protect my data my music ?

Sorry if i do something wrong.cuz i had headache after spending most of time to read the good articles in cdfreaks.Thanks


Hi, yes, I imagine trying to digest a lot of technical information quickly can lead to headaches :stuck_out_tongue:

To give more useful answers, it would be best for you to provide some more details of your current equipment & software.

A few general suggestions to your questions:

  1. Media, don’t bother saving a few $, even so called premium media is stupidly cheap these days (apart from archival/specialist grade media). Taiyo Yuden/Verbatim are the 2 most easily available safe choices. I prefer +R media as every writer I have used seems to work better with them.

Standalone compatibility should not be an issue with any modern standalone drive, I have used +R media (no bit-setting, though you may need to for some standalones) on many drives with no problem, even a very early generation standalone.

  1. Using ICE ECC or PAR2 or some other program which can create recovery data can provide an extra layer of error protection to your data. Idealy, depending on your paranoia/financial ability/space, multiple copies of your data, stored on different media (CD/DVD/HDD/Flash/Tape/etc) at multiple locations with regular testing should provide near 100% confidence in it’s survival.

Or if your not quite that worried, 2 copies of your data stored on 2 different brands of DVD media which is checked on a regular schedule should give you a high enough probability of data safety :slight_smile: