Some questions about MakeMKV

A couple of days ago I tried making a backup of the new Walking With Dinosaurs movie using DVDFab, but I could not get DVDFab to work. So I gave MakeMKV a try (first time I"ve tried the program) and it worked great. The way I understood it was that the program was freeware, but when I clicked to start the backup, it asked if I wanted to start a 30 day trial.

The program worked well enough that I would certainly be willing to purchase it, but I have a couple of questions about how it all works. From what I’ve read, it seems like you have to renew the license every 30 days. Is this so? The way programs and their associated websites seem to come and go, that is a little troubling to me. If it is a case of entering whatever serial number they issue just one time, that’s OK, but if you have to go back for a new serial number each and every month, I’m not so sure.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Rick

I don’t own MakeMKV, as I’ve always used the free version, but as I understand it, if you purchase the program you will get your own individual serial number that does not expire.

MakeMKV’s hosting company is having issues, not MakeMKV themselves, so the recent issues with their site not being online is not exactly their fault, and not a normal situation.

The free version is good for a month or so. I downloaded the latest edition just a couple of days ago and it says I have 36 days left. Whenever the program says your version is out of date, you can download the newest one and install it, or you can just input a new beta key.
If MakeMKV ever goes out of beta status, the Blu-ray decryption will no longer be free to use, but DVD decryption will still be free. MakeMKV has been in beta status for many years now, with no change in sight. I look in at their forum from time to time to try and assess this, but there is not a great deal of information or many discussions in there.

I went to the MakeMKV site just to make sure .
There is no “purchase” option available.

My thought is as long as it is in beta it will be free .

A person just has to download a copy every 30 days or so.
More often if a newer version is out & it needs that to do the newest releases.

On a side note I refuse to use DVDFab version 9 & I’ve never downloaded it . I have lifetime platinium but so far I’ve beem able to use the latest version 8 . It has done some recent movies . So give it a try . I’m sure you can use both installed on your computer at the same time.
I have two versions of 8 installed.

Cholla, here is the page to purchase MakeMKV:

That page also explains that a purchased serial doesn’t expire.

Thanks for the quick replies.

In reply to Kerry56… So as I understand it, even though it says that I have only a 30 day evaluation period, as long as I just keep downloading the new versions of the program, the evaluation periods keep extending and I can keep on using it without having to buy the program? I copied the beta key from the link you provided and inserted it in my copy of MakeMKV and it now shows that I have 36 days remaining on my evaluation period. So I guess that takes care of the renewal problems.

And in reply to cholla… after launching the program itself, click on “Help” and then click on “Purchase” and it takes you to a website where you can buy the program for $50.00.

I’m in favor of buying the programs that really work, like VideoReDo, and even MakeMKV because I figure if nobody buys the programs, the people that create them will say what the hell, and not develop them. What with all the problems that seem to be going on with decrypting programs like DVDFab, I’m a little hesitant to spend money on them because I’m afraid the government will be shutting them down. Guess I will just give it a while and see what happens.

Thanks again guys.

Thanks Kerry I missed the purchase page.
I only occasionally use MakeMkv so I will just continue with the free version for now.
I do consider it a good program & useful.

@ rick16706 , I bought DVDFab platinium a long time back .
I agree with you I might adopt a wait & see if I was considering it now.
I also have a paid AnyDVDHD with CloneDVD2 I use for DVDs.
I have Ideal DVD Copy (registered version) as well .
So I’m covered unless updates become unavailable .

You can purchase MakeMKV, but it doesn’t add any additional features. Its purpose is really to support the creator, plus then I suppose you don’t have to punch in the beta key every few months.

I don’t care much for DVDFab. It costs too much money and Handbrake does everything I need, for free. It’s slower, but it seems to do better quality.

I tried to open a .m2ts file with MakeMKV but it wasn’t in the list.
I only have a few blu-ray sample files as I’m not working with BD discs.
Should I change the extension ?
Will MakeMKV convert from a file like this ?

MakeMKV opens DVD-video and Blu-ray video structure, and the navigation files associated with them. Apparently it can also open HD-DVD and .mkv files, though I haven’t tried that with this program.

If you need an .mkv from an .m2ts file, I’d recommend MKVMergeGUI, which is part of the MKVToolNix package. This would be simplest.

Another route would be to run the .m2ts file through tsMuxeRGUI to output to Blu-ray, then use MakeMKV, if you just want to test its abilities.

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2729994] Another route would be to run the .m2ts file through tsMuxeRGUI to output to Blu-ray, then use MakeMKV, if you just want to test its abilities.[/QUOTE]

I wanted to test so I DLed tsMuxeR.
It took me a little while to figure out what I wanted to use.
I decided on “Blu-ray folder” .
Then from that I tried “index.bdmv” & “MovieObject.bdmv” from the BDMV folder . They worked the same in MakeMKV.
The test was successful.