Some questions about burning

hi there guys

just found this forum and had a quick look about and seems good so thought i would join.

got a couple of questions and hope you can help

  1. i have a duplicator and i have a problem of it spitting out the blank discs saying error bad blank disc. I have used a few makes now with discs and even tryed to slow the speed down from 8x to 4x and sometimes i have to write at 2x. IS this problem down to the blank discs or the disc the data is already on?

Alot of my discs are datawrite 8x dvd-r discs.

  1. i am looking at storing alot of data discs and also copying them alot so what discs do you recommend for this process and best place to buy them?

  2. whats the best speed to burn discs at?

  3. whats the best program to use with vista to burn dvds?

  4. i have a few CDA files on my laptop and i would like to convert them to mp3 and burn to disc but dont know what program to get to do it if anyone could help that would be gr8.

thank you for your time and hope i can get these issues sorted asap

all the best


Welcome to the forum, Rich :slight_smile:

  1. Datawrite are mediocre media at the best of times. Try some Verbatim.

  2. See #1, and you might want to state your location for people to recommend the best places :wink:

  3. For 8x discs, burn at 8x. For 16x discs, I find 12x or 8x does the trick.

  4. No idea, I use XP Pro.

  5. CDex is just great for that, it’s what I use. :slight_smile:

Hope that helped a bit. :slight_smile: