Some question about CDR Media. plzzz help

I use Nero and LiteOn 2410B

I’ve been doing some research and testing and I’ve just releasied that I am in a huge shit.

I have a collection of over 1000 CDs (movies and games) and over 95% of them have been copied on Imation (CMC Magnetics) and Datalife discs (mm&m)

Now, what I’ve found out is that CMC make really crappy discs. I did various tests on various discs using CDspeed and they reported thousands of errors!
Infact, I tested a few for errors IMMEDIATELY after burning them… the CDs werent even 1 min old and CDSpeed still showed thousands of errors!

I really treasure my collection and my PRIMARY and ONLY CONCERN IS “longetitiy”.

Will these CMC discs last long?

I’ve heard of errors called “c2 errors”, the errors report by CDSpeed are C2 errors or some other type of errors?

Also, is there a way I can correct these errors?

If I get better uality media and copy CD to CD will these errors also be copied? or should I first copy to harddisk and then copy them rather than CD-to-CD directly… would that help?

Over a period is there a tendency for these errors to “spread”, if yes, what can I do to prevent it? I mean, these CDs are just like a collection, I dont plan on using them much at all. So, if I just keep them safely inside my cupboard will these CMC discs deterioate over a period of time?

AND ONE MORE THING: Could it be possible that my CD writer is to blame for these errors? Because my cousin burned a movie using those CMC discs using his Plextor and it didnt give any errors.

Thanks! Really looking forward to a reply.

This might be better off in the media forum, but:
You need to start replacing those CDRs very soon, they will degrade over time, fairly quickly in some cases, and may become unreadable.
If you copy them, the errors will not be copied, these are read errors, they may slow the read process but the data should remain intact.
Every burner reacts differently to different media, and the burn speed is critical in creating an error-free disc. If you try reading them in a different drive, you will see diffferent results.
Suggest you start by finding a media that your burner likes, Fuji is the best candidate.

You cannot correct these errors in anyway.

As rdgrimes said, you need to start replacing your precious collection before the source becomes completely unreadable.

try burning to other media @ different speeds & if you still see errors its a burner issue.

But, its unlikely that the burner may be a problem. Those CMC & MM&M CD-Rs are really crap & thats the main reason for those errors.

Search the media forum & you’ll be able to find yourself some suitable media.:smiley: