Some quality scans with 4571A

I made some scans on disks I burned and I noticed some things. Please tell me if those scans are normal.
I burn on MCC004 (verbatim DVD+R) and MCC_03RG20(verbatim DVD-R) with the 1-02bt firmware.
So far I noticed that the best speed for the DVD-R are the 6x/8x (although the DVDs are rated as 16x). The scans from 6x/8x are better that 12x/16x.

Now for the MCC004. I got some very weird results.
Images 3,4,5 (the best scan made with 16x read) are the same disk scanned at different speed. Which one is the correct one?
Also a very bad quality at the end on the 6th image burned at 16x.

How can I improve the quality?

I’ve a 4570, my worst buy of my 6 burners.

What applies to the 4570 applies equally to the 4571.

The 12x burn strategy apparently just doesn’t work right at all and is best avoided for any media.

From my experience the only media it seems to burn well are TYG02 (@8x) , TY T02 (@8x) & MCC03RG20 (@16x).

BTW 5x is the recommended scanning speed, although even at that the PIEs still come up high, which isn’t too much of a worry as the NEC seems to considerably overstate these.

Scanning at 5x gives way too much PIEs.
Did some more burning today: Burning at 6x on MCC03RG20 for me is a little better than 8x and a lot better than 16x (especially at the end of the DVD).

I think I will keep my MCC004 for my next DVD-RW :).

Here is a scan of a TDK 16x DVD-R , burned at 8x. Is the scan average, below average or above average?

That’s a pretty decent burn I think. Never used that media on any burner but I guess for a 4571 burn & scan you’ve done OK.

I also have (had) a 4570 and it also is my worst burner :bigsmile: . But I don’t tink this quite describes it. Of course out of my burners one will be the best and one will be the worst. This one sucked so badly that any comparisson with others is futile. I finally offered it for free to someone that was OK with burning at 8x (meaning he prefered that, than paying to buy a drive)

Wait for better firmware… :flower: :flower: :flower: