Some psx backup made by clone cd aren't read by my lg dvd rom

hi guys - i am doing some psx backups using clone cd and the psx profile (which i downloaded from this forum).

I have a plextor px-w4012ta cd writer

The backups work well in psx and i can read them in both my brother’s cd rom and in my plextor drive - yet when i put the backup in my lg dvd rom drive it is not read.

also i had the same problem with some psx games - one that had secure rom protection - i used the secur rom profile.

when i copy the psx game with nero i do not get the problem the game is read in all drives including my lg dvd rom drive

I noticed that in both of the profiles amplify weak sectors is not selected - could that be the reason for this?

Thanks in advance for your help

Originally posted by ken481
I noticed that in both of the profiles amplify weak sectors is not selected - could that be the reason for this?
Nope. AWS is only needed for the SafeDisc 2 protection and has nothing to do with PSX. When you copy the game with Nero, does the back-up work in your PSX drive? What’s the problem when created back-ups work in your PlayStation but not in your LG drive? Perhaps your LG drive is just a crappy reader… When dealing with PSX games make sure you use quality media.

it doesn’t matter much if my lg drive reads it or not - my concern is more about me thinking that it could be someting wrong with my plextor writer - i never had such problems with my waitec writer and knowing that plextor is a good brand - well i expect everything to work better and the best u see - so that is why i am asking just to see if it is normal and that my plex writer is fine

Yes those copies i make with nero do work on my psx

Thanks for your patience and help

There are three factors to consider with PSX[ul][]Full Motion Video (FMV)[]Red Book Audio, and[*]the difference in step-height when comparing original PSX discs with CD-R/W discs[/ul] FMV is sensitive to media - use good stuff. Red Book audio, if at all present on the disc, should be read at 8x for best results, unless you read with an IDE Plex then it’s max or the shelf! Step height difference means, again, that quality media should be used. Bottom line? Read at 8x and write onto good stuff. The fact that the LG will not read the Plex-written copy is on no relevance except to note that Plextors are not fully MMC compliant and do things a little differently. LG does not make a good reader - their latest CD-ROMs are still PIO Mode beasts, for example! The GCE writers are OK, some of them are SD2 writers. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Sorry may i ask what MMC stands for please