Some Problems with the Liteon-812S drive

I recently purchased this DVD-RW drive and at first the drive wasn’t writing to DVD’s very well, and a number of programs wouldn’t write at all. Since then I have upgraded the Firmware to the office US0N and installed ForceASPI - now Nero will write a much better write but there is still one problem that concerns me.

When I insert a +R written disk the drive seems to work fairly well, but upon inserting several -R disks that I have it takes around 40-60 seconds to spin up and finally access.

Doing a disc check in Nero it reports that the first 100-200 meg cannot be read at anything more than 2x speed, but the rest of the disk seems fine. I have tested the discs on my old Pioneer DVD-ROM drive and they get accessed immediately without any problems whatsoever.

My specifications are:

Windows XP
Duron 1.3Ghz
512 Mb Ram
DMA Fully Enabled (and updated with motherboard drives as a check)
No spyware/adware/viruses etc
Motherboard bios fully updated

and of course,

Liteon 812S updated with US0N firmware directly from the Liteon site.

If it helps, the -R DVD’s were written on the Pioneer 107D drive.