Some problems using Yamaha CRW-F1S (SCSI)

I got some questions, by using my rather new CRW-F1 (BIOS 1.0d) SCSI Drive!
First of all, I try to use NERO and CDRWIN 3.9b…

Now my problems:

  1. Problem:
    If i try to burn a 800MB (90min) media under Nero I only able to write it with a speed of 8x! My older Sanyo BP4N could write it even 16x Speed. What is wrong here? As far as i got the yamaha support right, my media is the best for being compatible with the drive, but the slow burn speed has to be a bug, or something. Yamaha said, 40x should be possible on a DATATRACK 90 Min media made in germany, which I use…! What is maybe the problem here, anyone knows it?

  2. Problem:
    If I try to write 802 MB on a 80MB media using CDRWin 3.9B the software tells me, that there isn’t enough space on media. If I try to lower the site to 797 MB, the same happens. What is wrong here? On goldenhawk homepage is writen down, that the crw-f1 is fully suported, but it really won’t work.

  3. Problem:
    Trying to write 702 MB on a 700 MB media should not be any problem @ all using Nero! But the CDW-F1 won’t write 702 on a Silvercircle media! I got an error @ the last view seconds! My old Sanyo BP4N was able to write 711 MB on exactly the same media…